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I couldn’t be more excited to share this program with you.  I poured so much love and sweat into this special project, and now it's available just for you.  I’m so proud of you for making this leap to become a more active participant in your life!


Please allow me to introduce you to BECOMING BLISSMAKERS.  This is a self-paced self-guided transformational experience.  YOU get to make it what YOU need it to be.


This is an epic intensive program that is designed with YOU in mind.  In this program you will work through five pillars for truly blissful living:








Each pillar will get you one very powerful step closer to living your ultimate dream life.  


Restructure your mindset to begin the process of identifying those deep-seated limiting beliefs that have been holding you stuck in mediocrity (or worse).  This is the beginning of any successful transformation and the foundation to success in any area in life.  Depending on how deeply ingrained your limiting beliefs are, you may start experiencing huge shifts in your life at the very start of the program.


Learn how to get your physical body (as well as your mental and emotional states) into top form in ways that feel good for YOU.  I have been a practicing wellness professional for the better part of two decades, and an avid student of health and healing for many years before that.  I have more expertise in the field of wellness than most people I know, combined.  And I’m going to share some of this magick with you, so you can discover your own best ways to create optimal thriving health and wellbeing.


Cultivate a lifestyle that authentically reflects how you want to see yourself living every single day.  Embrace the idea of luxury, and bring more of it into your daily life experience … guilt-free!  You’ll look at your money issues, learn how to nurture your relationships, and bring more FUN into your life.  Do the work, and by the end of the program you'll see yourself living a life that feels really juicy and delicious … one in which you can be truly comfortable and content.  You’ll build the kind of life you can be proud of living, the kind of life you’ll be excited to start living every single morning.  


Establish, or deepen, your connection with Universal Intelligence, recognize your Soul-driven Purpose, find your place in the Grand Scheme of Life.  You’ll explore how to foster this connection with the Higher Self through ritual work, conscious connection to Soul and Spirit, and even through service to the world community.  Connecting to something greater than the self adds a layer of richness and passion to life, inciting us to get more involved in actively living every moment.  This kind of spiritual connection takes us from surviving to thriving.


Learn solid, tried-and-true strategies for empowered action that you can apply to the creation of your own bespoke ACTION PLAN to effectively get you manifesting the most blissful life you ever imagined for yourself.  You will have all the tools you need to implement your plan successfully.  No more excuses.


As you embark on this new evolution, you will be able to mold and shape things to suit YOUR life and YOUR reality.  new This is an opportunity to get clarity around what you want and need, get organized around what needs to happen to make the shifts you're seeking, and to learn actual action steps to take to start the process.  It's super affordable, too, so no excuses!  The best time to start is always NOW.  Click below to get started ...

Beach Side Fun
California Girls
Beautiful Women
Heart with Wings

"Since the [Becoming Blissmakers] program, there are several changes that have happened that have made me proud of myself, and have helped me honor my true nature.  I just feel better and more “in control” of myself and my intentions!!!! Thank you Melanie" - Dena


5 modules of video lectures including workbooks, suggested practices, and resources

private Facebook group where you can share your wins, ask questions, reach out for support, and deeply connect with others on the journey

journey the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are ACTIVELY participating in the expansion of your soul and your life

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