For me, compassion is a key component to living a truly blissful and magical life. Read on for 5 tools for cultivating more compassion in your life.

This Thanksgiving, I'm sharing with you how I totally and beautifully transformed my life by transforming my thoughts. Let's make every day Thanksgiving day!

Are you giving your power away? Or using it to your advantage? How do you navigate helping yourself and helping others? Read on to find out!

Welcome to the Summer 2018 edition of The Bliss List! Find inspiration for blissing up your life this summer!

Learn my top tools for how I transform my emotional experience, and manifest my dreams at the same time. It's easier than you think!

Celestite is a crystal of subtle, but powerful magick. Read on for ways you can harness its magick to bring greater ease, clarity, and love into your life.

The Bliss List shares with you beautiful readers what's really lighting up my life this season. May you find inspiration for your own bliss!

Happy New Moon, Bliss Bunnies!  

The new moon is a time of darkness, figurative and literal.  It is a time of new beginnings, of the void, of rest between the completion of one phase and the beginning of the next.

This new moon is also in the sign of Capricorn.  Capricorn's energy is steady, determined, and focused on a goal.  It rules the skeleton, and corresponds to the Earth element.  The new moon in Capricorn is about bringing our intentions into the physical realm for manifestation.  It is about allowing that which is often hidden and quiet within to come out into the world and spread its magick.  

I really love what Mystic Mamma ( has to say about this new moon in Capricorn:

We be...

What is a dismemberment journey, and why would I want to have one? What do I do if I'm having one right now? This article can give you some tools to navigate that often intense experience with more ease and comfort and grace.

Happy Wolf Moon, Bliss Bunnies!  Tonight’s full moon is a supermoon.  This means that it’s energies are amplified, and, therefore, whatever we direct its energies toward will receive greater illumination in our lives thanks to the location of the moon at its perigee.  

This full moon is also in the sign of Cancer, which is it’s ruling sign.  This is the moon of home and hearth, of sweet and tender nurturing, and of illumination of the shadows where we hide any number of sins from the world and ourselves.  This is a moon that encourages us to cozy up at home, indulging in those sweet hygge activities that fill our Instagram feeds this time of year.  It’s a great time for feathering the nest to make it your sacred sanctuary - a place wher...

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Bliss is not a feeling but a state of being.  In the state of bliss everything is loud.  - Deepak Chopra

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