Home is the place we go when we need some refuge. Read on for 8 easy ways to transform your home into a warm and welcoming sanctuary.

Have you ever considered downsizing your life?  Your living space?  Van dwelling is a popular movement in the minimalist and adventure travel communities, and car living is a growing subset of that trend.  If you're currently living in your car, considering living in your car, or just curious how the heck someone might do such a thing, then check out the latest video I posted on my YouTube channel!  In this video I offer my top 10 tips for living in a car.  These tips are based on the trials and errors of my own experience.  I hope you find them useful!  Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, observations, or suggestions on this topic.  And whatever your mode of living, I hope you're living blissfully!...

The Zero Waste movement has been gaining in popularity and momentum lately. I, for one, am grateful for it.  If you aren’t already familiar, Zero Waste is an offshoot of the environmental movement which encourages people to only consume what they can use, to fully use what they consume, and to avoid plastic and other non-biodegradable materials as much as possible.  

Modern civilization, as most of us know it, produces a lot of waste.  I am an American, and Americans are definitely leading contributors to this problem, but it’s happening all over the world.  In fact, I tend to see it most in second and third world locales where Westerners have infringed just enough to totally f*ck up the local culture with our ‘convenience’ goods and process...

Do you ever take a look around and notice that you have too much stuff?  Or maybe you’re holding on to some relationships that you’ve outgrown and that aren’t really serving you?  We live in a world where Consumerism is the golden rule.  We hoard our treasures like dragons.  We’re always looking for the next thing to make our lives better.  We always seem to want more, more, more.  

The minimalist movement is the antidote to this rampant mass consumption.  Minimalists strive to clear our lives of high quantities of stuff in exchange for high quality stuff.  And by ‘stuff’ I’m talking about material belongings, yes, but, also, relationships.  Having a handful of relationships that are authentic, fulfilling and su...

What does it mean to live 'the good life'? What are the foundations of a life that is good, vibrant and fulfilling? These are questions many of us ask on a regular basis, either of ourselves or of others. And while, of course, there are varying shades and flavors of what constitutes 'good', these are some common accepted tenets that can help most people improve the quality of her/his life. While reading this post, please feel welcomed to take what resonates for you, ignore what doesn't, and comment below if you wish to add something.

Keys to Living a Good Life: 

1.  Proper hydration. This means different things to different people, and no one seems to be able to agree on an exact quantity of ideal consumption. Which makes sense, really, as al...

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