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Deck:  Dreaming Way

Date:  3 December, 2017

Time:  2:00p (CST)

Moon Phase: Full

Spread:  Truncated Celtic Cross

Cards Drawn:

1. King Cups

2. 8 Wands

3. 8 Cups

4. 9 Wands

5. High Priestess

6. 7 Swords

Card Impressions/General Overview:

It's December!  Time for the Cold Moon.  Time to settle in to the darkness and unwrap our gifts of introspection and receptivity.  After all, we've earned it!  This year has been, in many ways, a grueling test of our emotional fortitude.  But, fear not, Bliss Bunnies, for we are intrepid!  And this forecast is showing signs of a little reprieve on the horizon.

Presently, we are floating atop our emotional sea in a fully embodied and comfortable state after having tamed the turbulent waters of recent past...

Find out what the Hunter's Full Moon cycle has in store for you as revealed by the Tarot. I'll give you a hint ... it's pretty awesome!

What does it mean to live 'the good life'? What are the foundations of a life that is good, vibrant and fulfilling? These are questions many of us ask on a regular basis, either of ourselves or of others. And while, of course, there are varying shades and flavors of what constitutes 'good', these are some common accepted tenets that can help most people improve the quality of her/his life. While reading this post, please feel welcomed to take what resonates for you, ignore what doesn't, and comment below if you wish to add something.

Keys to Living a Good Life: 

1.  Proper hydration. This means different things to different people, and no one seems to be able to agree on an exact quantity of ideal consumption. Which makes sense, really, as al...

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