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In-Person Wellness Services

This page is for those of you who find yourselves in my neck of the woods and wanting to work with me in person.  And to you, I say:  Yay!  I'd love to meet you and work with you face to face!  

Below, I've listed the services currently available for an on-site session, as well as a little information on what to expect from each.  The location(s) will be dependent upon a number of factors, including whether I'm in a nomadic or nesting period, as well as local licensing laws.  When nesting, I often work both with established local businesses and on my own - in a home office, mobile unit, or outcall situation, depending.  If you are unsure where I am at the moment, just shoot me an email and ask!

UPDATE:  I have currently set down roots in Asheville, NC!  Message me if you/re in the area and want to schedule a session with me!


The massage services I offer are customized sessions consisting of a mix of modalities.  My specialities are Myofascial Release, Structural Integration, and deeply relaxing Swedish, though I am also trained in lymph drainage, joint mobilization, sports massage, hydrotherapy, Nuad Boran (Thai), gemstone/crystal healing, and Reiki (level 2)*.  My work is highly intuitive, and can be deeply relaxing and therapeutically healing and reparative.   

*See below for more information.

60  minutes         $110

90  minutes         $150

120 minutes       $220


30 minutes Reiki         $50


Reiki, a form of energy healing, can be described as a spiritually guided manipulation of the life force energy that flows in and around each of us at all times.  You should feel safe, nurtured, and deeply relaxed during the entire session. It is usually practiced with the client fully clothed and can include both direct hand-to-client contact as well as energetic transmission with the therapist's hands hovering just above the client's body. I think of reiki as being similar to the felix felicis potion from Harry Potter: It just makes life flow more easily and comfortably.

Gemstone healing is the practice of using gems, crystals, and stones to effect healing.  It can be powerful all on its own, or used in conjunction with other healing therapies to add a boost of healing where it's needed.

60 minute Reiki                             $100

60 minute Reiki/Gemstone    $125

30 minute Reiki                             $60

30 minute Reiki/Gemstone    $75

30 minute Gemstone                 $60

Distance Reiki/Gemstone       $150  (Transmission will be applied 3 consecutive days. Can be utilized for anyone, anywhere.)


The yoga I teach does not belong to any particular lineage of hatha (yoga).  It is a culmination of my experiences studying, practicing, teaching, and working with my teachers and my clients over the past 20+ years.  It is always evolving, as I am always evolving, and life is always evolving.  One might describe my sessions as an exploration of form and function through both movement and stillness.  I will invite you to really experience the structural integrity of a number of asanas, or poses, finding the best alignment that is available to you in your unique body.  Sometimes we explore the constants within a series of fluidly connected movements, or vinyasas.  Sometimes we explore the experience of being in a pose longer than we might be used to.  

I teach from an all-levels perspective.  Each asana, or posture, has an infinite spectrum on which to experience it.  This means that any body can do any pose ... it's just a matter of finding one's own current interpretation of the pose.  It is my aim to help my clients do just that.  There is a strong focus of alignment and form and free will in my sessions.  There's also a lot of mirth and camaraderie.  It's good, healthy fun!

60 minute private one-on-one session                       $100

60 minute semi-private session (2-5 people)          $50/person

60 minute small group session (5-10 people)         $25/person

60 minute large group session (10+ people)           $20/person

If you have any questions about any of these services, please feel free to email me.  I'd love to hear from you!  

NOTE: In-person Tarot consultations are also available. The same pricing applies as for the Zoom Tarot consultations, as you receive the same level of service, time commitment and downloadable workbook following the session. 

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