Moon Meets

Moon Meets are a soulful way of connecting with the cycles of the Moon and with other Blissmakers. We gather together at the New Moon in sacred circle to set intentions for the cycle ahead. We discuss the cosmic weather, do a little divination, bare our souls and support each other in reverence and mirth. I follow up the New Moon meetings with check-ins on the first quarter, full and last quarter Moon phases as a way of opening dialogue around the magick of each phase in the cycle and the progress of weaving our intentions into manifest reality. 

These Moon Meets began as in-person gatherings in my home and the homes of my friends, but we have grown into a global group of Luna lovers who gather virtually via Zoom calls.


The Moon Meets have now evolved into a membership community with a dedicated members page for sharing Moon Meet invitations, cosmic updates, ideas for Moon rituals, general musings and other inspirations. It's also a place to create more connection with like-minded individuals in a world that seems to be instigating more and more isolation.

There are three options for membership, making the Moon Meets accessible to practically everyone who wants to be a part of the magick. All subscriptions are available on demand—no specified enrollment periods. And all can be canceled at any time for any reason. We want you to be a blissful and willing member of the community, after all.

If you are interested in joining these monthly circles and our brilliant community of Luna lovers, simply click the link below to choose your preferred subscription option.  We're so excited to see you there!

Whether you join the Moon Meets membership community or meld with the Moon on your own, here are some free Moon cycle downloads to use in your exploration of Her cycles. Just a little gift from me to you!


Learn how to harness the power of the lunar cycles.

Each New Moon we talk about the power of new beginnings and how the moon and its place in the cosmos can be harnessed to bring each of us more bliss during the coming cycle. 


Connect with other spiritual seekers and blissmakers.

These gatherings take place in sacred circle. This creates a space of safety allowing everyone present to be heard, seen and authentically honest without fear of violence or judgment.

Get divine guidance to help bring your intention to reality.

Explore the power of divination to gain wisdom from our higher guides and divine support system. We mostly use tarot readings, but also enjoy runic readings, pendulums play and other practices.