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There are currently two options for navigating your intuition development journey here: The One-On-One Bespoke Training and the Self-Guided Digital Training. Explore your options 

One-On-One Bespoke Training

In this personalized, in-depth container, we will work one-on-one to explore what avenue(s) of intuitive processing feel most natural and interesting for you to work with. You will receive exercises, tools and practical applications each week for four weeks to develop your own relationship with your innate intuitive gifts. At the end of each week, we will meet— either in person or via phone or Zoom call—to discuss your progress, your challenges, and solutions for overcoming those challenges. Additional sessions may be added at the end of the four weeks for additional charge, as desired. (Though they are often not necessary.)

Crystal Ball

Self-Guided Digital Training

For those who want to explore your intuitive gifts and abilities on your own, the Self-Guided Digital Training is a great option. It is designed as a 5-week program, but can be completed at whatever pace suits you and your schedule. You can also return to it time and again when you want to reconnect with your intuition and/or explore different avenues for expressing your intuition. Once purchased, the course is yours forever. Click HERE to purchase.

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