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Bliss is finding, creating, and reveling in the joy and ease of a life of purpose, passion, and fulfillment.  Lifestyle choices are as varied as the people who choose them.  And what an amazing gift that is!  How exciting is it that we get to pick and choose the elements that make up our lifestyle from an infinite smorgasbord of choices to create just exactly what works for us? Through trial and error I've discovered what I'm passionate about; what values are important to me; what skills, gifts, and talents make up my cosmic blueprint; what makes my life more blissful.  In the process, I've managed to piece together my own beautiful patchwork life that suits my needs beautifully.  It would bring me so much joy to help you do that, too!

The things that light up my own life most are the following (so far):

  • Shadow work

  • ritual 

  • environmental stewardship

  • alignment with the Natural Order

  • exploring luxury and beauty

  • community/connection

  • conscious consumerism

  • travel

  • holistic living

  • yoga/movement

  • veganism

  • compassionate communication

  • sharing my intuitive gifts

  • working with animals

  • exploring creative expression

  • indulging my senses

  • personal growth + expansion

I love sharing information on living your best lifestyle, including tips and tricks I've learned from traveling the globe, simple ways to incorporate environmental consciousness into daily life, how to become a powerful manifestor, simple hacks to bring more luxury into your life no matter how much cash is in your coffers, how to connect compassionately and openly with others - even when it seems impossible, what you can do to help sustain the forces of Nature that sustain us so effortlessly and generously, and so so so much more.  

I feel privileged to share what I have learned along the way so you can skip some of the trials and get straight to the good stuff.


I'm eager to help you learn how to create the life of your dreams by stepping into your own power AND making the most of what you've got right now.  I am excited to help you reconnect with your SOUL, and [re]discover your purpose in this life. 


I’d love to share some communication tools you can use to ensure that every individual member of your tribe always feels heard, understood and validated; to share insights on how you can get more involved in your own community and/or the world community; how to start living a life of luxury - whatever luxury means to you - regardless of what you've got going on in your bank account; and some of the ways in which I'm doing my part to save the world so that you might be inspired to find some ways of your own.  

If there's something you'd like to know more about that's not already covered here, please email me!  I'll happily give it due consideration.

To apply for a free call with me to see what it might look like for us to work together, go HERE

You can also check my blog for additional information on wellness, lifestyle and spirituality practices, tips and hacks.

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