Who am I?  Let me share my story with you ...

My name is Melanie.  I am a seeker, healer, traveler, intuitive, yogi, wordsmith, hostess, student, teacher, weirdo, adventurer, minimalist, vegan, environmentalist, and experimenter.  By trade, I am an intuitive guide + advisor, hostess/facilitator of workshops + retreats, licensed massage therapist, certified yoga instructor, licensed holistic esthetician, tarot consultant, and freelance writer.  I believe in the Bohemian pillars of Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Love.  I believe in the Natural Order.  My life does not conform to the status quo, and I quite like it that way.


I am an Aries Sun with Virgo Moon and Virgo Ascendant.  This means that I am a bit of a maverick..  But that 'trailblazer' attitude is married with a nicely anal-retentive gift for organization and efficiency.  My North Node is in Sagittarius, so I am continually evolving toward more optimism and adventure, taking risks, expanding my mind through deep philosophical inquiry, and embracing the experiences that life has on offer.  This means that I have a LOT of life experience. (Seriously, I leave a very varied trail of experiments in my wake.) The influence of my Gemini South Node means that I am a skilled teacher and communicator, so I am well equipped to help others boil complex concepts down to digestible and applicable systems.


I have a Natural gift of intuition..  This gift plays out in a number of ways, but one of the most powerful is my ability to see/hear/know the underlying truths from what people are speaking or otherwise expressing in the world.  This means that I often can suss out the deep imprinted stories that are fueling a person's words, deeds, and choices when they can't.  Admittedly, this can be uncomfortable information to receive, but for those who are open to it, it can be absolutely life changing magick.  

I am also a Manifesting Generator with a Sacral authority and a 6/2 (Role Model/Hermit) profile.  In true Role Model style, I am living my life in three distinct eras:


The first is centered on EXPERIENCE.  During this time I was all about the learning!  I began with a leaning more toward the scientific realm.  I had been a pretty magickal kid (many folks have referred to me as an Indigo Child), but I was raised in a non-magickal community, so I learned to suppress a lot of my Natural gifts and tendencies in favor of academic pursuits and scientific knowledge.  (Tiny trivia note: I entered university with the lofty idea of becoming a neurosurgeon.  Little did I know that I was meant for the healing arts, just on a very different spot on the spectrum.)  After university, I took a complete 180-degree shift away from the scientific world and into the world of magick, mysticism, and the occult.  I learned so much about how to honor and utilize my Natural gifts during this period.  I really began to own the weird and witchy woman that I was always destined to become.  


But now that I am in my second era of REFLECTION, I am really and deeply integrating all that I learned during those first 30-ish years of my life.  I am now learning the power of marrying the more masculine form of academic study and knowledge with the more feminine understanding of magick and The Mysteries.  I am doing the work of implementing what I learned during the experiential era, and finding what truly works to heal my wounds and create more space and bliss in my life. This is now my gift to the world:  Guiding others from a balanced place of deep awareness, experience, and understanding.

I haven't yet entered the third era of BALANCING wisdom with experience, but it's not far off, and I already feel the first electrical pulses of these two phases reaching toward each other in longing for full synthesis.  

I've come a LOOOONG way on my own journey.  I spent a great many years of my life being a sad lump of a mess of a human being.  I had lost my drive, my direction.  My health was questionable, at best, and, at worst, running the

gamut from a Stage 1 cancer threat to severe depression to disordered eating to raging candidiasis, leaky gut, and other digestive disorders.  I rode waves of mania and depression eventually sinking into a deep and dark melancholia that threatened my very existence. I was making choices from a place of victimhood that - surprise! - left me feeling unfulfilled and not a little resentful about my life.  I was operating from the false imprinted beliefs and philosophies modeled to me during my formative years, which kept me stuck in cycles of unfulfilling and frustrating patterns of behaviors and consequences for years. I was basically just moving through life like a zombie.  Unconnected, uninspired, and unable to get myself together enough to make a change.  Until ...

Eventually I reached a point where I was just over living this life of boredom, poverty, apathy, and mediocrity.   I couldn't do it anymore.   I was living in my car.  I was broke ... again.  I was in a new city, miles away from family and friends.  I was overweight, and having joint pain which made movement difficult.  I was STILL single with no sign of romance on the horizon.  And I was so tired.  All. The. Time.  This was it:  Rock Bottom.  

I had to make a change.  Not the kind of change I habitually talked about, but never acted on ... but a real concrete change.

I began by investing in myself It wasn't easy at first.  For starters, I wasn't sure where the money was going to come from.  I was neck-deep in debt.  All my credit cards were maxed out.  And my job wasn't exactly the most lucrative gig.  But, even barring the money stuff, it was hard to admit that I needed help.  I have always been very independent.  So, the thought of reaching out to others - strangers, no less! - to help me in my time of darkest need was daunting, to say the least.  

Still, I did it.  I picked up extra shifts at work.  And I started asking for help.  First, I invested in a health coach who helped me address some pretty serious nutritional deficiencies.  Improving my physical state had me feeling good enough to keep moving down this path of empowerment.  I signed on with a business coach. The price tag was hefty, but I could pay it in installments, so I determined to make it work.  It was a wonderful opportunity to start the process of getting clarity around some of my business goals, and to learn new tools for how to reach those goals.  There was also a strong spiritual component to the program, so I was able to strengthen that connection, too. It was good.  I was feeling progress.  I was reconnecting with my own personal power.  I was learning more about myself, what I wanted my life to look like, and how I could start manifesting that shiny new life for myself.  I was feeling so empowered by my new support system.  Then I crossed paths with a woman who would become my next-level business coach.  She was feisty and fiery and helped me rekindle the long-dormant masculine energies of motivation and action.  Through my work with her I was able to reconnect to my inner warrior archetype. It was a terrifying leap of faith to shell out the small fortune required to work with her.  (I maxed out a freshly paid off credit card for the privilege.)  But, the lump in my throat, the shaking in my knees, the butterflies in my belly, and the sweat in my palms just provided motivation for me to really commit to the program and give it 110%.  I did, and I got a lot of good surface-level expansion from the experience.  Finally, I stumbled upon a manifestation advisor who would help me do the even deeper work of unpacking all those deeply rooted limiting beliefs and stories I'd been carrying around, most of which had been imprinted during my childhood, and reprogram them into powerful new beliefs that would serve my expansion and growth rather than block it.  It was a circuitous and evolving process, but it's been one of the best gifts I've ever received.  Now I find it much easier to seek help and inspiration outside myself, and my life is so much the better for it.

The next important thing I did for myself was to get really curious about myself.  I started exploring my astrological chart more intimately, learning how the planets sprinkled their energies in my personal makeup.  This allowed me to begin to harness those energies to take fuller advantage of my strengths and to help balance and bolster my challenges.  I also began learning about Human Design.  It's a huge body of information, much like astrology, and I have much still to learn, but even knowing the basics has been hugely informative for me.  Learning my design has given me license to be more fully myself without apology.  It has given me permission to celebrate those things that make me different rather than trying to hide them away in some secret shame cell.  In addition to these two very specialized tools, I've also been exploring myself through subconscious exploration and reprogramming, mindful inquiry, and really opening up to the reflections offered to me by the external world.  It's been profoundly healing and expansive to be gaining this more intimate knowledge of who I am and how I am designed to operate in this life.  I feel more confident in how I operate in the world, how I make decisions, and how I react to external stimuli.  It's been a truly beautiful experience.

Finally, having, in essence, reawakened myself and establishing some clarity around my goals, dreams and desires, I started to notice a deeper sense of connection with the more feminine aspects of my life.  Ritual practices offered more profound experiences of ceremony and being.  Divination sessions revealed much richer stories unfolding.  Nature—which has always been a living + loving womb space for me—became even more kindred and interactive.  It became clear to me that i had jumped into the proverbial forge and, through the beautiful alchemy of Shadowcraft and guided light work, I had come out an entirely new version of myself.  I was tempered, stronger—yet, also somehow softer.  I was the phoenix rising from the ashes and it felt so amazing spreading my wings and taking to the sky knowing that I—and I alone—am the creator of my experience.

This new era of investing in myself and excavating the deepest parts of myself changed my whole life in the most beautiful, blissful way.  It set the stage for the reclamation of my own personal power and confidence.  These investments allowed me to reconnect with my unique magick, and reminded me that my magick is valuable.  I now live my life with purpose.  I now love my life.  I now know that I am in control of my experience at all times.  I am powerful.  I understand the gifts of action and surrender, and how to use them to my advantage.  And that is blissful.  I wish this for you, too.  

I'm here to help you find your own way on your journey to and through the forge.  Whether it's through individual alchemy sessions or tarot readings or the wisdom I share on the blog or on social media, I am here for YOU.  You have the innate power to live the life that your Soul came here to live.  Sometimes it just takes a little help clearing away the well-meaning propaganda that's been shoved down our throats since even before we were born.  That's where I come in.  I am here to help you recognize those stories that are keeping you small, and to find ways to both change those stories and support the changes that feel good for you.  I am here to help you understand yourself better through curious inquiry, conscious creation, stewardship of Self + environment, communion with Nature (including other humans) and magick.  

Let's start living the most blissful, confident, fulfilling, abundant, healthy, magickal lives imaginable.  And let's do it NOW!  

In the words of Joseph Campbell:  “Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls.”  I am so excited to walk through those doors together!  xoxo


Wow woman! Our conversation really opened me up. I am already experiencing "connection" in a new way, with EVERYONE I've encountered since our connection. Every single person. "That's the story you're telling yourself." I simultaneously hate and love that signature offering of yours. I am super grateful to you and your "differences". Thank you!                - Jessica

Melanie Hayes
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