In this Cosmic Profile Sampler, you will get an overview of who you are based on your astrological natal chart, the basics of your Human Design, and where in the world you might be able to use the astrological planetary influences to bolster your efforts in different facets of your life.  

You will need to send me your birth information (date, time, and location) as well as what area of your life you're interested in working with for the mapping portion of the reading.  (For this sampler profile, I only look at 1 life area in depth.)  You are also welcome to let me know of up to 3 particular locations you are interested in visiting or moving for more specific guidance on how those places might support (or derail) your efforts in this area of your life.


You will receive an informational email following your purchase that will let you know what to do, so no need to remember all this now.  


Once purchased, you will receive a downloadable packet within 2-5 business days that will basically be a guidebook to who you're designed to be and how you're designed to move through the world.  You will be able to refer to this guide again and again as you begin to more fully understand your own unique magick. It will also help you to more easily recognize and release programming you've been operating under that isn't aligned for you.


This Cosmic Profile Sampler is intended as a tool to give you deeper insight into who you are and how you can better navigate your life's journey.  I hope it proves as helpful to you as it has for my other clients!

Cosmic Profile Sampler

  • No refunds available for this service.

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