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This is your go-to, I’m-having-a-meltdown, get-me-through-the-moment toolkit all in one little bottle. 


Life Preserver was created for those moments when life is feeling a little too overwhelming; when you feel like you might drown under the weight of responsibility, crisis, fear and stress. 


Just four drops of this magickal elixir under your tongue and you will find your psycho-emotional state beginning to self-regulate, leaving you better able to navigate the situation at hand. 


This Bach Flower Remedy can be taken at any time, and in conjunction with any other Flower Remedy you might already be taking. Life Preserver is intended as a sort of power boost during especially difficult moments. It is not meant to be taken consistently by the bottle as other Bach Remedies are. You can take it every ten minutes during periods of crisis, and then cease taking it once you feel calmer and more in control of things. 


Store in a cool dry place, and it should last you indefinitely.


(Additional shipping fees may apply.)

Bach Flower Therapy - Life Preserver

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