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12-month subscription:

  • tarot readings every new moon and full moon ($1800 value)

  • initial assessment reading for where you are now - general or themed (per client request) ($150 value)

  • workbook accompanying every reading including rituals, practices, prompts, and yoga poses for working with each reading’s energies and lessons (over $1200 value)

  • BONUS:  one additional [general or themed] reading to be used at any time during the subscription period ($150 value)

  • BONUS:  one free 1:1 coaching session with me to help work through any of the challenges presented in your cards - to be used during the subscription period (over $500 value)

  • BONUS:  email access to me during subscription period to ask questions for clarification around any reading or accompanying resource (invaluable!)

  • over $3800 value!!

  • PAID-IN-FULL pricing = $1620/ PAYMENT PLAN pricing = $275/month  

one-year tarot subscription service

  • Unfortunately, there are no refunds on this service.  Once you have purchased it - either in full or with the installment plan - you are responsible for the full promised payment.  Please honor this sacred transaction.  I will.  Thank you for staying in your integrity.

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