Once you've placed your order for your tarot reading, please fill out the intake form by clicking the link below.


I'm overjoyed to be reading your cards for you!  I am certain you will gain insight into your Soul's evolution that will help you bring more bliss to today and every day!



Tarot Reading

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  • Once you fill out your intake form I will set up a time to read your cards. If you want to be present for the reading, we will set up a mutually convenient time for a Zoom reading.  If possible, I'll throw the spread during an appropriate moon phase for your query.  I will then create a comprehensive workbook for you including a photograph of the spread; a detailed map of each card's individual meaning, as well as how the cards interact together as a whole; and some exercises/practices/resources you can play with to make your current transition more comfortable, impactful, and/or meaningful for you. 


    If you provide a question or topic for me, I will tailor the reading to that subject.  If not, I will simply allow the messages to come to me intuitively and you can then determine how to apply the information to your particular concern(s).