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A Tarot reading is a divination (intuitive) practice using a deck of Tarot cards. The reading of Tarot cards relies heavily on both symbology and intuition. Tarot readings have a beautiful and mysterious way of helping us to learn more about ourselves.


In this In-Depth Tarot Consultation, you will receive a 30-minute reading addressing the topics of your choice. This reading can be a general one—offering you whatever information the cosmos deems relevant for you at the moment; a thematic one—for which you can choose a theme of interest such as relationships, or money, etc.; and/or a specific question of your choice. Your reading can happen in person, via phone or Zoom call. 


This in-depth reading includes a beautiful downloadable workbook containing additional information to take the guidance from your reading even deeper. Also includes an optional digital recording of the reading to play back later at your convenience (only available for Zoom call options).


Any additional time is charged at $2 per minute.

In-Depth Tarot Consultation

SKU: 004
  • No refunds available for this service.

  • No shipping ... no fees.  Yay!

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