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The Tarot Tells: Find out what's in store for this next moon cycle

Deck: Ceccoli Mini Deck

Date: 9 June, 2017

Time: (between 9p-midnight)

Moon Phase: FULL

Spread: Truncated Celtic Cross

Cards Drawn:

1. 10 Clubs

2. 2 Cups

3. 5 Cups

4. 8 Swords

5. 6 Swords

6. VII (The Chariot)

I acknowledge that this posting is a little tardy. The full moon was a few nights back, it’s true. But I was traveling across continents and countries, and am only just now getting the chance to post. Nonetheless, the reading was cast during the actual full moon. I hope you find some benefit from the wisdom of the cards … even if you are receiving it a little later than usual.

The current landscape is one of discomfort, dis-ease, and dystopia. 10 Clubs represents a state of questionable health. The predominant message is one of physical difficulty, but it could be that any aspect of life is suffering. It is clear that a strong foundation of health exists, but certain habits or circumstances of late have lead to some decline in the quality of living. Perhaps there’s been a temporary abandonment of previously established vital life practices?

In order to get back on track and back to that place of thriving (as opposed to merely surviving), 2 Cups challenges us with the task of letting go. It is necessary to learn to go with the flow, and to find a way to joyfully dance in celebration of the mutability of the watery aspects of life. Recognizing that life is comprised of ebbs and flows. Each is important, each gives birth to the other, and from one comes the contrast needed to fully appreciate the other. Even though the ebbing might feel harder than the flow, it is during these times that we grow in strength, resiliency, and confidence which allows us to enjoy the flow that much more. There is also a call to find communion with like spirits. All challenges can be met more easily with the right support system.

External forces are preoccupied with seeking completion from the external environment (5 Cups). There may be a strong desire to do some coupling and nesting during this phase. A surrender to the bliss of domesticity may yield temporary relief, but is not likely to offer solution to the challenge at hand. As is often the case, the most potent solutions are ones that come from within, rather than without, us.

The real root of the matter is Fear and how we relate to it, as depicted in 8 Swords. Deep internal fears may start bubbling up to the surface. How we deal with these incidents will determine how/if we move forward on our personal paths. Embracing our fears as helpful guides and teachers, maintaining a loving and flexible attitude toward these opportunities for growth, will allow for some fundamental healing which will pave the way for greater enjoyment in walking the life path of life.

We recently saw the end of a cycle (6 Swords). We laid to rest an old way of life, old perspectives, old habits that no longer serve. We are now learning how to integrate our new selves into our same lives.

Should we manage to go with the flow and make peace with the growing pains that inevitably present during the onset of new phases such as this, we will find new life and new momentum in positive directions. The Chariot gives us the opportunity to take the reins once again and start navigating our chosen course through life. This card reminds us that we are ultimately in control of our own realities, but we can only do that by taking an active role in the creation process. We must be willing to not only accept the possibilities of fear and failure and challenge, but to expect them, and celebrate them as opportunities to get clearer about the visions we are pursuing.

So, in the words of the immortal Elsa: Let it go! Let it go! And I’ll rise like the break of dawn! Reframe your perspective so that you see the beautiful transformative power of the ebbing moments. Find what gratitude you can for the challenges you’re facing, and trust that they are reconfiguring you into an upgraded version of yourself … one that will be even more awesome than you thought you could be.

Enjoy the ride, Bliss Bunnies! I’ll see you on the other side.

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