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9 Awesome Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

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Midsummer is upon us. Also known as Litha, Midsummer is the holiday that marks the summer solstice. This is the day of most sunlight here in the northern hemisphere. Following this magickal day the light begins receding and we begin the shift toward the dark part of the year.

This is a time to honor the sun and his masculine, extroverted, yang energies. As the solstice passes, we start moving toward more introspection and solitary endeavors. As such, this is a great opportunity to celebrate the outdoors, social connections, and group activities.

What better way to celebrate this turning of the Wheel of the Year, this shift in the earth’s energy, than with ritual? Here, I’ve created 9 simple and fun rituals for your Midsummer celebrations. Try one, a few, or all of them!

  1. Bask in the sun. This one is super easy. All you need is a little sunshine. I like to go to the beach or a park or even the back yard and lie in the sun for at least 20 minutes (in as little clothing as possible) to get the biggest, juiciest dose of sunshine possible. But you don’t have to go as all-in as I do. You can simply take a walk. Or sit near a window with good exposure. However you choose to do it, let it be something that feels delicious.

  2. Create a flower mandala. A mandala is a spiritual symbol representing Universal unity and wholeness. They are often circular in shape, but it’s absolutely fine to take your own artistic license when creating your vision of the Universe. Mandalas are, essentially, a visual representation of the relationship between our inner and outer realities. Creating a mandala demands focus, and, therefore, is a meditative act which intensifies the energetic power of the finished product. Using flowers is both a beautiful way to create a mandala, and a nice way to integrate the magic of Midsummer into this spiritual art. The circular shape of the mandala mimics the sun, and the flower blossoms - especially if plucked on the solstice - contain the power of the sun at its most potent.

  3. Do a little candle magic. Candle spells are easy, portable, discreet, and make use of fire, which is representative of the sun’s power. There are infinite options when it comes to creating a candle spell, but one of my favorites involves a single white candle. It can be a pillar candle, a taper, or even a votive. Anoint the candle with some essential oil. (Rose and lavender are great choices for Midsummer.) Hold the anointed candle while focusing on an intention. This could be as simple as the honoring of the cycles of Nature, or as big-ticket as world peace. Once you have imbued the candle with your intention, place it somewhere special. Light your candle, and let it burn until it is completely spent. This can happen in a couple of hours (with a votive candle), or you may need several sessions to allow it to burn completely down. As it burns, your candle will be releasing your intention into the Universe, becoming materially manifest once the candle is complete.

  4. Practice tratak. Tratak is a simple, but powerful, meditation technique that increases focus and stimulates the pineal gland. It involves gazing at the flame of a candle. All you need is a lit candle. Then get comfortable and start gazing. The flame represents a concentrated version of the sun’s energy. Focusing on it can align us with our own fiery energies. With repeated practice, you’ll notice your mind becoming more focused, less chattery, and more able to handle thoughts and make decisions.

  5. Watch the sun rise and/or set. Litha is a solar holiday. It’s a time to honor the sun at its peak of power. What better way to do this than by greeting the sun in the morning and/or putting it to bed at night?

  6. Eat some citrus fruits. Citrus fruits are like little juicy, sweet sunshines. They are a delicious way to symbolically take in the sun during this longest day of light.

  7. Begin a journal. While this day is all about celebrating the light, it is also a time to usher in the season of the sun’s waning power. After the solstice, the sun begins fading a little every day. As the earth moves toward darkness, so do we begin to move toward a more introspective season. Starting a journal now, and consistently making entries, can be a great tool for navigating that journey inward.

  8. Make sun tea. Want to take advantage of the sun at its most potent? Add your favorite tea leaves (or herbs and spices) to a jug of purified water, or, even better, spring water, and place it in a sunny spot. Not only will you end up with a beautifully, naturally brewed beverage, but it will also be infused with solar power at its glory. Drink it in and allow that power to infuse you, too!

  9. Charge your crystals. Midsummer is a wonderful time to charge crystals. It’s especially great for crystals with sun and fire correspondences, such as sunstone and fire opal. Just set them in a clean area with full sun exposure for as long as you can. They’ll be extra powerful the next time you put them to use.

So there you have it: 9 awesome ways to celebrate the summer solstice. Have a beautiful time celebrating, Bliss Bunnies! I hope you have fun drinking in the sun! I’ll be soaking it up with you! xoxo.

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