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Playing pretend is a powerful tool in creating your dream life:  Acting as if you are already where

As children most of us play pretend. In fact, some of us play it so often that we become experts in the practice. Unfortunately, as we get older, we are often taught that playing pretend is only for children. We hear things like, “grow up”, “life’s not a fantasy”, or “it’s time to get real”.

In my opinion, that is some of the worst advice anyone could ever receive. And here’s why …

In order to live the most blissful vibrant, healthy, happy lives, we must be practiced in the art of manifestation. Manifestation is simply the end product of efficiently applying the Law of Attraction to materially express your desires in your daily life. It’s kind of like a super power. And it’s available to everyone. I mean, it’s an actual bonafide Universal Law, and that means that it works. For everyone.

Many of us forget about our ability to practice this art as we age. This is, in no small part, thanks to the not-so-helpful propaganda peddled by Society from the time we’re born. (It’s usually peddled with the best intentions, but that doesn’t make it any more helpful.) As a result, most of us come to lose the knowledge that we are inherently powerful beings put on this earth with talents and desires that we are meant to share with the world for the increased happiness of all. We give away our power to other people, to external circumstances, to Fate. And since neither other people, external circumstances, nor Fate truly understands our unique talents and desires, we end up living lives that fall short of the amazing fulfilling bliss that is our birthright.

One very potent way to reconnect with our personal power, and, thus, to shape up our manifestation muscles, is - you guessed it! - playing pretend. As children we know what’s up. We haven’t yet had all the magick beaten out of us. (This is why kids are usually so much happier than adults.) So, it’s time to start pretending again! Yay!

My favorite way of incorporating the art of pretend into my manifestation practice, is to play a little game I call “As If!” In this game, I imagine a version of my self living a life that is engaging, exciting, and completely blissful. I get really specific on what that version of myself is like. Then I create ways to act AS IF I am already that version of myself living that awesome life.

For instance, if I imagine myself living a life that involves a wardrobe full of designer clothes and shoes, I would ask myself what the current version of myself could do that would simulate the version of me living that shiny dream life. In this instance, I might commit myself to regularly shopping in high end boutiques and trying on designer clothes - even if I haven’t yet got the money to buy any of them. I may save up some money to invest in a special pair of designer shoes. I might also reorganize my closet in such a way that the clothes and shoes I currently have are displayed to their greatest advantage. The opportunities are many with this game, and you get to come up with your own unique expressions when it’s your turn.

Do you see how this game is played? You envision your dream life. Imagine the version of yourself that would be living that life. And then you start acting as she would in every situation. (Or at least acting as closely to that version as you possibly can in the moment.) Remember, you are playing pretend. In this game, when you are participating in whatever activities align with your higher version of yourself, you also practice believing that you are this person. You need to believe that you are totally capable of and worthy of this life you desire. (Because you are.) Then as you spend more and more time embodying this version of yourself - pretending to be a higher version of yourself than you are right now - you will start to become that person. And as you become that person, you will start to attract opportunities that would be available for someone living that dream life. It becomes a cycle of leveling up … just from pretending to be more aligned with your dream life than you currently are. Simple, right?

It is simple. And it’s fun. And it’s incredibly powerful. So, what are you waiting for? Start pretending! It’s vital to the development of your dream life.

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