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8 Simple Ways To Make Your Home Your Sanctuary

Home is so much more than mere shelter for many of us. Home is the place we go when we need some refuge. It’s where we find respite from the chaos of the external world, and where we find reconnection with Self and Soul.

It can be difficult, however, to find this bliss in a home that is as chaotic (or moreso) than that outside world we’re escaping. A home that doesn’t reflect the life we want to be living is only one more thing adding stress and strain to our current experience. Who needs that? I don’t. And I’m betting, since you’re reading this, you don’t, either.

If we use home as a sanctuary from the world, it should look and feel like a sanctuary.

There’s no one way to set this stage. Sanctuary is a very relative term. It’s relative to the user, which is YOU. So, when transforming your home, it should reflect what YOU look for in a sanctuary.

The following are 8 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Your Sanctuary. These are broad suggestions so you have plenty of wiggle room to take them and make them reflect your own unique needs and desires. Employ them all, or try just one. It’s totally up to you.

  1. Lighting - The general rule is natural light in the day, and soft lighting at night. This allows for a closer approximation to the lighting found in the Natural world, which is a lot easier for our bodies to process. When the body is less taxed by artificial stressors, it functions more easily, productively, and comfortably.

  2. Temperature - Do what you can to control the temperature in your living spaces. Aim for cool enough to stay alert, but warm enough to feel cozy. The number will vary person to person, so a little trial and error might be needed here. And it will likely change as the outside temperatures change.

  3. Audio - Keep sounds soft and/or natural. If you live in the country or other undeveloped setting, you can open your windows (weather permitting), and enjoy the sounds of Nature at work. If you’re located next to a construction site, you can employ white noise machines, soft music, and/or soundproofing techniques. It is helpful to create barriers for unnatural, loud, or discordant sound pollution to alleviate mental clutter and distraction.

  4. Furnishings - There’s no set rule on furnishings. The gist is that it should be comfortable, yet supportive. It should also be something that you truly love in design, feel, and function.

  5. Storage and Decoration - This is, arguably, the most arguable topic when discussing home design. Thankfully, this post is not about one rigid way of doing things. (Whew!) It’s about utilizing the ideas presented in a way that fits your personal needs and desires. To transform your space into a sanctuary, the broad strokes are to be as minimal and clutter-free as possible with your storage and decoration. Whether that means you let go of all your stuff so you don’t need storage, or you hide all your crap under beds, in closets, and in every available nook and cranny that will hold a basket, is up to you. And when decorating, it’s always more meaningful when using objects with which you have a personal and/or inspirational connection.

  6. Functionality - Make sure you have everything you need to perform the tasks you want to perform. This is kind of a no-brainer. There’s nothing relaxing and sacred about being in a space and not having the tools/supplies/equipment to do what you want to do in it.

  7. Scent - Use scents that smell sweet and fresh to YOUR nose. Scent is so evocative. Take advantage of that magick and fill your space with aromas that put you in the state of mind you’re seeking. Also, don’t mask unpleasant odor with strong synthetics. Instead, eliminate them with good ventilation.

  8. Zoning - It can be very helpful to divide your home into zones that can accommodate the various activities you perform there. For instance, you might have social zones and private/personal zones, or active/busy zones and relaxing zones. The zones you choose are up to you to determine. But keeping them segregated to specific areas of the home can not only make organization a lot easier, but it can also create an energetic balance between space and activities performed.

This is, again, a broad outline of how you can transform your home into a sacred sanctuary that reflects your needs, desires, and your personal growth. You get to decide how to pull it all together in a way that feels delicious for you. I know you’ll create something magickal.

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