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Creating An Awesome Life

My life is awesome.

It feels so good to say that and really mean it. For so long I tried to convince myself that my life was good. And in many ways it was good enough, but it wasn’t awesome.

These days, I’m no longer content with good enough. Good is NOT enough. Only the very best, most delicious bliss is of interest to me. So that’s what I create every moment.

I’m clear on what I want and need. I’m taking empowered, decisive action to manifest my desires and meet my needs with the greatest ease and joy.

So many years - decades - of denial, resentment, stress, strain, depression, disappointment, acceptance of mediocrity and limitation - before my switch was flipped.

All those years I could have been living large … loving every minute, every adventure, every amazing opportunity … but I didn’t. Instead I convinced myself it wasn’t possible. The stories may have changes in the particulars, but the plot was always the same: I wasn’t enough. I didn’t have the power to change things. There was always something or someone else to blame for my failings.

Now I know better. I invested in myself, got some support, and rewrote my stories. I became the heroine rather than the victim. I stepped into my power. Now I decide what comes next and how I wanna play it.

I got profoundly honest with myself. I took responsibility for my failures. And for the first time in a looooong time (maybe, ever?) I looked at myself and acknowledged what a brilliant and powerful woman I am. I acknowledged the gifts, skills, and talents I possess, and made a conscious commitment to celebrate and share them. I mourned for all the years I hid my light under the shadows of self-doubt and fear. Then I released that sadness along with any thoughts of guilt or shame that might be tempted to creep into the open spaces left behind by those shadows.

I made a decision to do things differently. We must do things differently for things to be different.

Now I call the shots. I make decisions that support my needs and desires. I take empowered action that moves me ever in the direction of my bliss. And that’s MY bliss. Not anyone else’s.

And now … my life is awesome.

Aren’t you ready for your life to be awesome, too?

If you answered “YES!”, then it’s time to start taking empowered action of your own. Only you can decide what that looks like for you. But if you need a little help in the uncovering of your own potential, then I’m here for you, and I’m ready to help. Just say the word. Send me a message, and we’ll have a conversation. Apply for a FREE Unblock Your Bliss session if you're feeling called to do so. And if you're not feeling called to connect with me, keep searching until you find someone your Soul recognizes as a powerful activator of all that you are.

I can’t wait to watch you unleash your magick on the world.

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