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Top 5 reasons for cultivating meaningful spiritual connection

Hello lovelies! I’m back today with more tips and tools for squeezing more magick out of 2019! If you missed the first two posts in this series, check them out HERE and HERE. So much good stuff for you to chew on there!

Today I’m wrapping up the series with my top 5 reasons for cultivating meaningful spiritual connection this year. Read on to see how they apply to you and your life.

  1. Connect with something greater than yourself. Going through life completely untethered to anything can get a little tired. What’s the point? Seeing a bigger picture - recognizing yourself as a small part of a grander whole - can help you realize you have a purpose, a reason for being here. You play a vital and specific role in the greater workings of the Universe. You are important. You are necessary. You are part of the collective.

  2. Recognize your worth. Once you find that connection with something greater than self, it’s a lot easier to recognize your own worth. As mentioned above, you have a more direct experience of how your particular magick contributes to the functioning of the whole. It’s also helpful to note that whether you adhere to religion or science or both for your foundation, we are all made of the same stuff - the stuff that makes up the whole of the Universe. Whether you call it God, Source, Universal Intelligence, stardust, Energy, atoms, or something else to know that you are a piece of something that grand and powerful and infinite makes it much easier for most of us to see how valuable and special we are. Recognizing our worth in this way also allows many people to accept more good things into their lives. And that brings more good things into Life, itself. And that is just good, period, IMO.

  3. Find peace in the midst of chaos. This modern world has a lot of distractions. There’s a lot of busyness in the business of daily life these days. Chaos is a common experience for many. Connecting with Spirit can provide peace within that chaos. There’s a grounding and centering that takes place during spiritual connection. It allows you to hone your focus, deepen your breath, and quiet your mental chatter. It’s in this state that you can make clearer decisions about how to navigate your life. And it’s in the state that you can receive the messages from Universal Intelligence that will move you forward on your path toward your highest expression of yourself.

  4. Forge a deep + authentic relationship with Soul. In the aforementioned state of peace and tranquility is when you can truly find connection with Soul. Soul is always trying to communicate with you, but there are so often too many distractions drowning It out. If you want true clarity around your desires and needs, listen to Soul. If you want an authentic understanding of your limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviors, listen to Soul. If you want to know how to proceed in the best way possible to serve your higher version of self, to serve the greater workings of the Universe, listen to Soul. If you want to hear Soul, shut up and connect with Spirit.

  5. Be more present with self + others. When you connect with Spirit on a regular basis, you are consistently being reminded of the fact that we are all one. We are all made of stardust, of divine light. Every single living being is a little spark of source energy. As such, you can begin to cultivate a deeper sense of presence in the world. You become more present with yourself, attending to your Soul’s needs, desires, and preferences. You also become more present with others, because you recognize that they hold a piece of you, and you hold a piece of them. Relationships deepen and expand in this environment. And this expansion continues out into the world in a beautiful ripple effect of presence and connection and light. It’s a beautiful thing.

What’s your reason for cultivating spiritual connection? Is it listed here, or is your motivation something else? Something that speaks specifically to you? Whatever it is, it is valid, and it is beautiful. My wish for you is that your connection furthers your expansion during this year’s journey and beyond. Much love, light, and bliss! xo

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