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Tarot Tuesday:  The Fool’s Journey - The Emperess

Welcome back to the The Fool’s Journey through the Major Arcana of the tarot! This week The Fool meets The Empress. How exciting!

Meeting The Empress is akin to The Fool connecting with His mama and all Her feminine and generative energy. The Empress teaches our hero about His connection to the Natural World. She shares secrets of Nature … how It unfolds in cycles; how math is a sacred and integral component; how creation is a natural function of life.

It is from His tutelage under The Empress that The Fool recognizes His own feminine qualities, and how to utilize them to his benefit. These include the ability to receive, to listen, to nurture Self and others. Taking time to slow down and process lessons learned, and to tend to objects gained or seeds planted, are also valuable pearls of wisdom offered up from this wise lady.

In addition to all this, The Empress has the wondrous task of telling our hapless hero about the birds and the bees. She shares the Mystery of The Great Rite, teaching how new life can be born from the merging of feminine and masculine energies … how the masculine pollination of the feminine seed can lead to the creation of an entirely new and independent flower.

This encounter prepares The Fool for feeling into the flow of the Universe. He learns to go with that flow, to be adaptable, to be responsive, to be guided by feelings and intuitions. He begins to tap into His own powers of creativity.

The High Priestess taught The Fool that He is part of something greater, and that something greater is playing a part in helping Him along His journey. The Empress teaches Him that He also has a responsibility to do what He can to foster His own progress on the road. He’s learning to make things happen for Himself, but only in response to the rhythm and flow of the world around Him.

And so He continues on a bit wiser, a bit more developed, and with a greater understanding of the Natural World and His part in it.

Next week … The Emperor! See you then!


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