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The Power of Listening to Soul

I recently posted about my decision to uproot my life by leaving Asheville [and my two favorite people in the world - my sister and my niece]. While it could be seen as a frivolous one, that decision was spurred by the voice of my Soul whispering in my ear, and my willingness to both hear it and act on it. Reflecting on this decision got me thinking about the power of listening to Soul, and the anxiety, apathy, dissatisfaction, and/or depression that can arise when we don’t.

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about doing something awesome, only to dismiss it in favor of getting back to “real life”? Or have you made a commitment to someone despite feeling distinct tension or anxiety around making the agreement? What about staying in a situation (job, relationship, etc.) that you know isn’t working for you?

These are all pretty common examples of Soul speaking and falling on deaf ears.

If you have experienced any of these situations, you may recall that they were accompanied by some pretty clear feelings. In the first example, daydreaming feels good, and dismissing these dreams usually feels not-so-good. Saying ‘yes’ when you’re really feeling ‘no’ feels pretty crummy, too. And let’s face it: Staying in a situation that is no longer serving can be a sure-fire recipe for sadness and dissatisfaction.

These feelings are the clues to how aligned we are with our Soul’s truth, with our most authentic needs and desires. For all of you Law of Attraction fans, this is what Abraham Hicks refers to as our Emotional Guidance System.

It’s a simple system, really. If we feel good, we’re on the right track. If we feel anything other than good, we’re not.

Where most of us run into trouble - in my experience - is learning to tune into our feelings and our intuitions. We live in a world where distraction is god. Attention is on the endangered lists. In fact, there are actual illnesses for folks with impaired abilities to focus. (ADD, ADHD) It’s no wonder that we can struggle to hear that still and quiet voice within.

And when we do hear it, it’s not always easy to act on it.

Society is a master at propaganda. We are endoctrined and programmed and brainwashed - with the best intentions, of course - from the moment we come into being. Everywhere we look we are being told how to be and how to look and how to think. Breaking out of those boxes can have some obvious uncomfortable side effects.

But what so many of us forget is that staying IN those boxes has negative side effects too. They may not seem as obvious, but they are even more powerful and palpable. Every time we ignore our Soul, we deplete our life force. Every time we refuse to act on what we know we want and need, we diminish our spirit.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather live a full life with a little societal push-back than a half-life with full societal support.

This is the power of listening to Soul: Living a full and blissful life. Living a life that allows you to fulfill your destiny. Living a life that contributes more fully to the whole of all Life.

And that is a powerful gift, indeed.

Are you listening to your Soul? Are you acting in your Soul’s best interest? Are you struggling to even hear the messages your Soul is sending? If you’d like some support in the form of a small group of peers all working with a professional to clearly identify and act on your deepest needs and desires, then consider my Becoming Blissmakers Transformational Group Coaching Program. Registration opens on Monday, and will be limited. Message me to apply.

Don’t dismiss this opportunity. Listen to Soul. Let Her guide you to what will serve you best. I look forward to hearing from those of you called to apply. And to the rest of you, I send big love and wishes for Soul connection! xoxo

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