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Rabbit Medicine

This past week I’ve been getting a lot of Rabbit medicine offered up by my environment.

Before I get into the juiciness of Rabbit medicine, I’d like to just reiterate how much I love, love, love getting this guidance from the Universe. I feel so fortunate to be open enough to receiving the support of the very world around me as I stumble along this road of life. Sarah McLaughlin said it well with the phrase 'fumbling towards ecstasy' ... Isn’t that really what we’re all doing in our own beautiful ways?

Okay, so back to Rabbit! Rabbit has some pretty awesome magick to share. There are many who shy away from the gifts Rabbit brings, but I’m learning the great alchemy of leaning into it. Rabbit’s theme is FEAR.




These are all common responses to Rabbit medicine. But I’m learning to greet Rabbit with a mischievous grin and an adventurous spirit, because I now understand that Fear is simply a lesson waiting to be learned. Fear, if allowed to be, is one of our most powerful agents of expansion. And by inviting Fear into the share circle, I can get to know Her, embrace Her, and receive what She has to teach me. Fear is a very cogent teacher.

Rabbit is often referred to as The Fear Caller. He focuses so much on His fears that he calls them to Him. He creates His own evidentiary proof of His fears so He can feel justified in feeling them in the first place. This is straight-up Law of Attraction stuff, blissmakers. What we focus on, we create.

When Rabbit starts showing up for me, I am reminded to check in with my Self and become aware of where I’m focusing my thoughts and energies. Rabbit reminds me to notice if I am spending too much time thinking about all the things that could possibly go wrong instead of enjoying the things that are actually going right.

Rabbit, of course, is also associated with fertility. Rabbits multiply rapidly and often. This echos the way our thoughts can give birth to our experiences. If we are continually giving mind-time to our fears, we will begin to manifest them rapidly and often. This is the downward spiral, kids. It begins innocently enough, but then picks up momentum like wildfire and before we know it we’re totally consumed and everything is despair and doom.

What can we do to avoid this? Well, thankfully, Rabbit teaches this, too. (Nature always offers an antidote with a poison, after all.)

Ever notice how when you come across a rabbit in the wild it will freeze when it notices you? This is very wise medicine: When faced with a potentially dangerous experience, just get still and quiet for a little while so you can assess the situation and determine your best course of action. This freezing allows Rabbit to gather control of His thoughts and fears, to really look at them and get a clear sense of what’s going on in the moment, and to then respond accordingly to create the most desirable outcome available.

So, when Fear starts knocking on my door, I know it’s time to get still and quiet. Time to compose myself. Connect with Soul. Then I can invite Fear in for a chat over tea and cakes. I ask Her questions until I understand what it is She’s trying to teach me. Then I thank Her, hug Her, and send her on Her way feeling heard, seen, and sated. I can then move forward knowing better how to navigate my current circumstances.

Fighting against Fear only heightens Her melodrama. Recognizing Fear and giving Her audience for a moment, then releasing Her, allows Her to be the agent of expansion that She naturally is.

This is Rabbit’s medicine. This is Rabbit’s magick.

I’m so grateful for it.

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