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Animal Medicine: Blue Heron

Last week I was getting a lot of Rabbit medicine. Rabbit medicine, if you recall, is all about Fear and how to navigate it. So, it’s not surprising to me that this week I’ve suddenly been blessed with the medicine of Blue Heron.

Blue Heron’s medicine is that of self-reflection. And Her message is so on-point for me, right now, it’s uncanny. (Side note: I was surprised to receive so many visits from Blue Heron this week, especially since I don’t live near a ton of water. Seems like She is specifically bringing her message to me at this particular time.)

After the awareness of my Fears that Rabbit was so kind to offer me, it is now time to do some deeper diving into the dark waters of my emotional depths to reveal what treasures lie there in wait.

This is work I’ve been exploring for a little while, but I admittedly allow myself to get easily distracted from it. Shadow work can be scary and disruptive (in the best of ways, of course), so I can be resistant to it if I lose sight of the rewards to be had from the work.

But Blue Heron also shares some wisdom around this phenomenon: She reminds us to dive deeply, but to come up for air regularly to avoid drowning. It’s also important to transition through this work mindfully and gradually, as shifting too quickly between the depths and the shallows can cause the bends.

Blue Heron’s medicine is aligned beautifully with the Law of Attraction, too. She reminds me to dive inward to the realm of feelings. It is the feeling body that reflects more accurately what I’m experiencing rather than the thinking mind. When things aren’t feeling good, it’s a good time to explore what I can do to improve the situation. Because, as I wrote about in yesterday’s post, I am the only one that can improve my experience. I have total power over my life experience in any given moment and working with Heron’s medicine of self-reflection can give me the insight I need to make improvements.

So, now is my time for deeper diving. Blue Heron is urging me to explore this Self/Soul work even more intimately right now. And I know that doing so will allow me to unearth some invaluable buried treasures from within.

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