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We Are All Survivors

The other day I was filling out a questionnaire. One of the questions was asking if I was a survivor. This question gave me pause.

I wasn’t entirely sure what information was being asked of me. Was I a survivor of abuse? If so, what kind? Physical abuse? Sexual abuse? Emotional abuse? Verbal abuse? Was I a Holocaust survivor? Did I survive a battle with cancer or some other devastating dis-ease? Was I a survivor of some kind of environmental tragedy like a hurricane, tidal wave, or tornado? Did I survive Initiation Week at a sorority house? Was I ever on the reality show that votes people off the island as they strive to overcome challenges to win big money?

Then it occurred to me that WE ARE ALL SURVIVORS. We are all constantly surviving traumas and challenges and failures and tests of various kinds. Because we are all survivors of LIFE.

I am not dismissing the achievement of those who have survived truly horrific experiences like those listed above. I have the utmost respect for anyone who is strong enough to undergo some of those ordeals and make it out alive. But I also don’t feel the need to diminish the triumph of successfully navigating everyday life.

Because, let’s be honest … Life can sometimes be difficult.

I believe it’s important to celebrate our wins, no matter how big or how small. It’s by focusing on and honoring those accomplishments, that we are able to keep ourselves ahead of the curve and on the winning side of expansion.

And today I wanted to let you know - each and every one of you beautiful blissmakers - that I SEE YOU! And I see what powerful and amazing SURVIVORS you are. I see how you are taking all that life is giving you and you are LIVING through it all. Whether you have mastered the manifestation game or are ass-deep in some challenging shit, you are still here and still doing the thing. That’s something to celebrate! And I’m celebrating you! (And me!)

Here’s to THE SURVIVORS! Here’s to ALL OF US!

Happy blissmaking, beauties! xoxo

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