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Me + My Shadow: The Importance of Shadow Work

Shadow work has been playing a pretty big role in my life recently. Well, if I’m honest, it’s been a part of my life forever. I’ve had various interactions with my Shadow over the years, but many of those would be better described as battles.

In my earlier years, I was interested in understanding Shadow, but I almost always took Its bait when it showed up, and reacted with defensive or distractive strategies. After decades of meeting Shadow on the battlefield, it’s no wonder I have a precarious relationship with It. I might as well just own it: I’m scared of my Shadow.

But! That is all changing!

I am finally reaching the point where I am fully aware of my Shadow fear, and am now working on transmuting that relationship into one that is more positive, educational, and transformative.

I am currently working through a program that is regressing me back to birth and up through my formative years to connect with and interact with those Shadows that have been keeping me limited and playing small throughout the rest of my life.

It’s certainly eye-opening. And heartbreaking. And a great opportunity for clarity and empowered action. In fact, instead of feeling so much fear around this work, I am now feeling a great sense of hope and excitement and genuine curiosity. I am learning so much about my Self, my patterns, my self-limiting beliefs and stories, and the origins of each of them.

I am learning that these stories and patterns were never mine, but, instead were imprinted on me as I was learning how to be a human moving through this world.

It’s been especially fascinating to do this work while in my parents’ home [that was my grandparents’ home when I was a child] and seeing how some of those conditions are still in place and how some of them have changed.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to dance with my Shadows and to get to know them with curiosity rather than hiding from them in fear.

Shadow work is so important for anyone looking to transform life into the magickal bliss journey that it is meant to be. We cannot open to all we desire, need, and deserve if we are held in that small frightened space where Shadow holds court. We MUST move through that space and expand out into the verdant realm where our Authentic Self holds sovereignty.

To do that, we MUST face our Shadows. And we MUST do it with curiosity and a desire to heal those wounds inflicted upon us in our formative years. It is also important to remember that whoever inflicted those wounds - be it family, friends, educators, ourselves - most likely had no intention [or even awareness] of damaging us. They were just doing the best they could with what they had.

This is not a blame game. It’s a process to emotional freedom and personal empowerment.

Are you ready to dance with your Shadows? If so, consider my 1:1 coaching containers. This is powerful and hugely transformative work. It’s neither easy to, nor recommended that you do this work alone. I’m here to help you through the darkness. Message me to set up a conversation. We’ll talk about how you can truly transform your life in blissful ways, and come out a more empowered, trusting, and happy version of yourself. xoxo

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