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Spider Medicine

There was a brief period when I wasn’t getting any new medicine from the animal world. It was a little strange after having so many pointed messengers visiting me in succession. I was beginning to feel like maybe I was falling off my game, and somehow stifling the flow I had been developing. But, then, in divine sweet time, my next messenger started appearing.

It was subtle at first, as it often is with these creatures. I would catch a quick glimpse here and there in the shadows. Then, a scurry across my path while doing weeding work in the garden. And, slowly but surely, Spider began to reveal herself to me in clearer and clearer ways. A black widow holding court in the very spot I needed to work. A photo of a writer spider posted on a friend’s Facebook page that lead to a touching conversation between the two of us. Spider was reaching out to me.

Spider carries the medicine of feminine energy, creativity, and patience.

She reminds me to ease back into the feminine aspects of life and self when I am getting a little too flooded with the more aggressive and active masculine energies. This is a very good time to slow down, connect with the quiet wisdom within (the Soul), and to offer nurturing and compassion to self and others. This is also a good time to make note of whether I am truly and fully experiencing my emotions, or finding ways to bypass them via distraction and/or destruction. The feminine influence is all about giving voice to our emotions, so conscientiously tapping into them, and finding ways to express them fully and richly will help me steer clear of any unpleasant entanglements down the road, says Spider.

Spider’s medicine of creativity is evidenced in the spinning of orbs. These orbs, or webs, are really quite magnificent feats of creation having tensile strength, high sensitivity and flexibility, as well as complex design patterns. Spider is a genius at repairing any rents in her webs, and is quite resourceful when faced with a construction challenge. Not only are her webs beautiful exhibitions of design, but they are also highly functional. These webs can catch and store food, they can withstand the harsh realities of wind and rain, and they can even alert Spider to any potential danger or good fortune lurking at the outskirts via vibrations along the highly sensitive strands.

I can take advantage of this aspect of Spider’s medicine by inviting more opportunities for creativity into my life. This could be in the form of artistic endeavours, craftwork, creative thinking opportunities such as puzzles and games, or even a shift in perspective. Spider encourages me to trust in the life that I have constructed for myself. She encourages me to remember that flexibility is a vital part of the design, and part of what makes it all so strong and functional. It’s important for me to resist taking any rigid stances at this time. This is a time to surrender to the flow and to allow sustenance to come to me, knowing that the structures I have woven will be catch and retain everything I need to thrive. She also urges me to maintain vigilance and hyper awareness at what may be lying at the farthest reaches of my web of influence, for there may be some juicy morsel flitting about there.

This brings me to Spider’s medicine of patience. A lot can happen on the outskirts of Spider’s web. There may be many possibilities that consider exploring this beautifully design orb, but not all of them will come in for a closer look. Those that do, will stick and become a source of nourishment for Spider. This is a beautiful reminder for me to maintain patience as I’m expanding my own web of influence. Building the web is the first step. Then comes the time when patience and vigilance is the prescription. This is the time when outside resources will hover about my web, flirting with the notion of coming for a closer examination. Those who are ready to do so will become a supportive part of the whole design. If I try to rush or force things, I may end up losing something really delicious, or I could end up with something rancid that lessens the quality of the greater experience.

Spider also holds some Shadow medicine. Often feeling at home in the dark, dank places of the world, she shares her wisdom of exploring the dark side of the Self/Soul in order to find the advantages that lie therein. This is a most especially apropos message for me right now as I continue to slog my way through some intense Shadow work. Spider is showing me how to make the darkness a welcomed and valuable asset in my daily life.

I am so grateful to Spider. She is a beautiful teacher. It’s ironic how I spent so much of my life in dire fear of her, when her medicine is so important to my life. Isn’t it often the case that we fear what we most crave?

Here’s to inviting Spider’s magick into my life wholly and beautifully. And should you find Spider showing up in your life, may she bring you great wisdom and power, as well. xoxo

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