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Butterfly Medicine

After another lull on the animal magick front, I am now, once again, receiving some clear medicine from the world of Fauna.

Over the past week, Butterfly’s been visiting me. Her magick is always powerful and welcomed by me. Butterfly is, after all, one of my trusted Totem Guides. And, on top of that awesomeness, my Spirit Guides - during my Full Moon Eclipse ritual - shared that Butterfly would be the omen appearing to let me know I’m staying true to my course during this current transformation.

And that makes total sense. Butterfly’s all about Transformation. Butterflies are the quintessential transformers. They enter the world as caterpillars, then enter the cocoon for some deep personal shifting to emerge as brightly painted winged superstars. This is not just a superficial glamour, either. When Butterfly transforms, it’s the real deal. Her entire being morphs, including her DNA. She gets in there and does what needs to be done to reinvent Her entire existence.

That’s powerful stuff, blissmakers. That is transformation at its deepest and most profound. And that is what I have been working with for some time now. I am finally starting to feel my wings emerging where once there was only skin and bone. My work isn’t complete yet, but Butterfly is here to offer Her wisdom and support as I continue to shift within my own cocoon.

Being a creature of the Air, Butterfly can offer Her energy to amplify and assist with communication, technology, travel, and all mental activities. She is great at helping me recognize what limiting beliefs and worn out thought patterns are ready to be transformed into something new and beautiful that will afford me more freedom and grace. She inspires me to travel to places where I will be allowed to express the fullest version of my authentic self. She sparks a special grace and eloquence in all of my communications that is both sweetly subtle and ostentatiously bold. Shakespeare could have well been thinking of Butterfly when he wrote, ‘Though she be but little, she is fierce.’

Butterfly undergoes Her transformation in 4 distinct phases: They are egg, larva, cocoon, and [re]birth. These phases are mimicked in the stages of human transformation, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or a mash-up of the same. In the egg phase, we are just beginning to form an idea that something is in need of shifting. By the larva stage, we are aware that some magick is afoot, even if we aren’t yet clear on exactly how things are going down. It starts getting really juicy during the cocoon stage when we willingly enter into the darkness of Shadow, mustering the courage to face whatever we find there. Having successfully navigated the dark, we then execute a glorious rebirth as we emerge a wholly new version of ourselves.

Butterfly is kind enough to continually point out that all of life is cyclical, and the process of profound transformation is no exception. Maintaining my awareness of where I am in the cycle of my current process makes it easier to navigate the more difficult bits as I can trust that the reemergence will surely follow, and it will be spectacular.

On a slightly different note, Butterfly also reminds me of the joy that can come from unapologetically following my bliss. Society often tells us to narrow our interests and commit to one or two specialties in life. But, being a manifesting generator type [in Human Design] means that I am designed to have many interests and, therefore, many random skills and assorted information collected on many topics. My curiosity is insatiable. And, just as Butterfly flits joyfully from flower to leaf to blade of grass, so, too, can I find my bliss in sampling a variety of subjects as my curiosity guides me. Having an expanded arsenal of information at my disposal can work to my benefit. And this is true both during times of transformation and during times when I’m reintegrating after a major shift.

I continue to hold so much gratitude for the way animal medicine continues to show up in my life exactly when and how I need it. I am eternally grateful for the wisdom that Mama Nature and Her emissaries share with me, especially when I am in greatest need of a little support and acknowledgment that I’m on the right road for my Soul’s mission.

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