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The Magick of Being a Manifesting Generator

Hello. My name is Melanie. I’m a Manifesting Generator.

For years I thought I was operating with some kind of cosmic glitch that I couldn’t diagnose. I had such a hard time focusing my attention on one thing. I always joked that I was like a magpie … happily entranced with whatever I was doing until … Ooh! Shiny! I think I’ll go explore THAT thing!

I’ve always been super eclectic in my interests and desires. I’ve always been quick to start new things, but slow to finish … if I even finish at all. Convention teaches that this is a failing. And so I spent much of my life feeling like a failure in many ways.

My foray into Human Design is changing all that. In the Human Design system I am a Manifesting Generator type. And one of the key traits of a Manifesting Generator (MG) is that we are designed to flit from interest to interest as our curiosity dictates amassing a treasure trove of wisdom from everything we’ve ever encountered.

So, every time I would feel inspired by something or someone, and I would almost immediately fall down a rabbit hole of investigation around this thing or person, I was gaining some valuable information that my Soul needed to continue moving forward and expanding on my Life Path. The Generator aspect meant that as long as I was still feeling inspired, I would have all the energy needed to keep on investigating and learning and growing. Then, when my energy waned - usually with my interest - the Manifestor aspect would take over and it would be time for me to flit to something new.

Learning that this was how I was designed, or programmed, to move through the world was such a gift! Now I have full licensing to do what comes naturally for me.. Now I no longer feel like a failure when I operate in this way, even if it is outside the accepted/common conventions of Society.

And, it feels so obvious and aligned that my business would be called Experiments In Bliss. I mean, that’s really what my life is all about - sampling different experiences in the process of curating the most blissful life possible. Experiments In Bliss could really be the tag line for all Manifesting Generators.

Do you feel like you are too curious for this world? Do people often tell you you’re too eclectic for your own good? Do you have difficulty completing tasks - not because you aren’t capable, but, rather, because you lose interest? Then you may be an MG, too.

Curious about your Human Design type? You can create your own chart for free at or All you need is your birthdate, birth time (note the am or pm), and the town, state, country in which you were born.

Then, should you want some help figuring out how to use your type to your advantage, drop me a line! I’m happy to help.

Have a beautiful day, blissmakers! I hope you, too, are finding all the licensing you need to shamelessly live your most authentic blissful lives. xoxo

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