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Full Harvest Moon in Pisces - Deep Diving + A Simple Ritual

Tonight’s Full Moon in Pisces is a gloriously watery affair! The Moon conjunct Neptune, ruler of Pisces, ensures these waters run very deep, indeed. Better grab your SCUBA gear, blissmakers! We’re gonna get wet!

This Harvest Moon is shedding light on us where we are, as we are, free from all the material things we use as identity props. You might say we are skinny dipping under this Full Moon. Some of us will find the current and go with it, allowing it to gently carry us around any stones or boats or other debris in our way. Others of us will panic, expend unnecessary energy trying to control the direction we’re going, and, as a result, will likely find themselves banged and battered against any and every obstacle along the way.

Pisces energy, to me, is oddly similar to The Chariot card in the Tarot. Both are about navigating balance between polar extremes. With The Chariot, it’s all about finessing two very differently-minded horses [or ideas] to come together and progress the charioteer toward one unified goal or direction.

With Pisces energy, it’s all about finding the flow of the current [the prana of life] and trusting that surrendering to it will keep you safely in the middle of the river rather than washing up on either [polar] shore. There is also a trusting that if the current pulls us under, it’s only because there is treasure waiting there for us to mine. Pisces magick is represented by fish, after all. Harnessing this energy is to take that fishy magick and become one with it. We are always safe and supported when we surrender to the current, when we go with the flow.

This doesn’t mean we can’t be an active participant in choosing what ports we want to visit, but it means that we remain flexible in how we get there. We can keep our wits about us under the light of the moon, surveying our progress, aware of the evolution of our journey. But sometimes we are better served by trusting that we can step back and just allow our Natural internal guidance systems to kick on and take us the way that will serve us best. It may not always be the fastest route, but it may be the most scenic, or the one that will take us by The World’s Tallest Turtle Riding The World’s Largest Snowmobile. And I don’t know about you, but I’d happily take a detour on any trip to see that action! (It’s a real thing, BTW … in North Dakota.)

So, when basking in the light of this Harvest Moon, if you feel some emotions stirring and whirring, go with it! Flow with it! Dive into the center of them and ride those currents in the fullest surrender you can muster. Let those Piscean fishes hold you and nurture you and whisper their wisdom to you while you’re down in those depths. Eventually, in divine time, of course, you will find the current has lifted you safely back to the surface where you will be free to once again roam about the country.

Here’s a very simple little ritual you can do should you feel so inclined, to give yourself over to the magick of this Full Moon:

Find a comfortable position for your body - one where you are supported enough to be able to relax fully. Make this some place where you can be undisturbed for at least 30 minutes. (It would be especially powerful to do this in a bath or another body of water where you could ensure you’d be safe for the duration of the ritual.) Close your eyes. Call on any guides you’d like to have with you for safety, wisdom, and/or support. Now, attune to your breath. Explore your breath. Find the soft, rhythmic rise and fall of your breath, and really connect with it. Allow the gentle repetition of the waves of your breath to ease you into a soft trance state. Now stay with your breath for at least 30 minutes. (Setting a timer in advance can be a wonderful aid, but you can also just wing it.) Allow your thoughts to be whatever they are. They are always going to be there, but you don’t always have to give them audience. Instead, offer your awareness to any feelings presenting themselves to you. Feeling uncomfortable? Cool. Feel that discomfort! Feel any feelings the discomfort brings up for you. Do your best to avoid thinking about your feelings. This is just about feeling. Feeling and being. Naked. Alone, Unadorned Soul-Self. When you feel complete, simply return your awareness back to your breath, back to your body, back to the environment in which your body resides. Thank and release your guides, if they joined you. Then touch your Left hand to your heart and your Right hand to you forehead to bring the session to a close.

You may find that you are more sensitive, emotionally, in the next several days, so be gentle with yourself and, if you’re brave enough, give yourself permission to dive deep down into these watery emotional depths whenever you’re needing a little more self-connection.

Happy Harvest Moon, blissmakers!

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