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Capricorn Full Moon: A Question of Perspective and Faith

This Friday the Moon reaches Her fullness at 9:08p (EDT) at 1° Capricorn. The Sabian Symbol for this lunation is Three Stained-Glass Windows In A Gothic Church, One Damaged By War.

Capricorn Full Moon: A Question of Perspective + Faith

This Sabian Symbol poses a question of perspectives: Does this symbol depict the destruction of something beautiful by something savage, and the potential for mourning the loss? Or does it show an opportunity to celebrate the fact that the war raging around outside caused such minimal damage; something which is worth celebrating? Thus, I see this Sabian Symbol as a bit of a conundrum. Or, perhaps, it’s just a symbol depicting the often polar sets of lenses through which we, as individuals, are wont to view the world? 

In Capricorn, the Moon gets serious about what it wants. This is a time of ambition and the systems and structures required to meet (or surpass) it. It’s a great time to get your affairs in order under this Moon. Take inventory. See what’s working, and scrap what isn’t. Set your eyes firmly on the prize and visualize it as yours already. Capricorn usually gets what it wants, because it will stop at nothing to get it. As you sit beneath the Full Moon, basking in your victories, remember that it was your own determination, dedication, intrepidness, and action that got you here. 

The Moon is in opposition with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, all sitting in a sweet stellium in Cancer. We could find it challenging to accurately represent our inner needs and feelings during this time of lively familial chatter. But Neptune in Pisces, at the apex of the T-Square, can provide some assistance in bridging that difficulty. Neptune in Pisces provides a little mutable energy to soften the conflict between the two cardinal signs of Capricorn and Cancer. Neptune asks us to remember that we are all a part of something greater. We all have a valuable and necessary role to play in the story of Life. If you speak with compassion and care for the feelings of all involved, you may find it much easier to speak your own truths, no matter how different or unpopular they may seem. A little agape love can go a long way toward creating a feeling of inclusiveness and acceptance. 

With Sun and Pluto in an exact inconjunction, you may find it difficult to understand your relationship with power at this time. Mercury squaring the North Node also brings a layer of difficulty when it comes to getting clear ideas on where your life is heading. It might feel frustrating to be in this peak position at the height of the Moon’s waxing power, and not be able to fully see where you’re going next, or whether or not you have the power to get yourself there. It’s your choice to decide how to view these circumstances. Like the Sabian Symbol, above, you can look at this as a severe setback or see be grateful that you are still standing with so much of yourself intact. Can you find strength, support and refuge in your faith while things seem dismal and untethered around you? How you view your situation will be true for you.

The transitional energy of the Solstice was Thursday, and now we experience the [lesser] transitional energy of the Full Moon. Change is in the air. We are being asked to pivot as needed. Trust is required, but so is ambition and practicality. Luckily, they are available to us at this Capricorn Full Moon. Choose your perspective, then grab the goat by the horns and continue on up the mountain, kiddos. There’s a spectacular view waiting for you.


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