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Greetings, blissmakers! The Full Flower Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is in the sky on 26 May. Folx living close to the earth named this moon the flower moon because it shines during a time of great fecundity in the world. Everything is in bloom. Color and fragrance are painting the landscapes

nearly everywhere you go. This is also a Super Moon. Super Moons occur when a full moon is closer to

the earth, and, therefore, appears larger and brighter to those of us viewing it from our earthy vantage

point. Because of this supercharge in the Moon's shimmer and size, we can receive Her magick in a

supercharged way. It’s like the Moon’s gifting us with a little extra mojo for our magickal (and mundane)

pursuits. The Blood Moon moniker comes from the red tint the moon takes on during a lunar eclipse. If

you’ve seen Practical Magic, you may remember reference to 'blood on the moon’ as a sign of trouble

ahead. This is a somewhat limited view of what happens during a lunar eclipse, as we’ll explore more,

below. And this brings us, finally, to the acknowledgment that eclipse season is opening its portal to us. Are you ready??

The portal opens with a full moon lunar eclipse in expansive Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the cosmic world

traveler and philosopher. It’s ruled by Jupiter and so is constantly expanding and, often, lucky. It’s

considered the great benefic (“lucky star”) in astrology speak.

Sagittarius opposes Gemini (where the Sun’s currently spending time). If Gemini is the studious learner

and master manipulator of content, Sagittarius is more the free thinker who is always exploring the question, “What if ...?” Gemini has trouble seeing the forest for all the trees. Sagittarius’ vision is like a drone taking in the whole expanse of the forest, never focusing in on a single tree but always taking in the grander view of the whole.

In other words, Sagittarius is a big picture kind of sign.

When the full moon shows up in Sagittarius, we are being invited to take a look at our big dreams and ideas. The moon is bringing illumination to those “what if?” notions we tend to keep hidden in the

shadows because the rest of the world tells us it’s folly to wish for things outside the realm of

established convention. Sagittarius reminds us that the world never progresses without a nudge from

the big dreamers and the imaginative thinkers. Take some stock of those crazy ideas you’ve been sitting on because you just can’t let them go ... despite the fact they seem utterly ridiculous or impossible. You may find a nugget of magick hiding out in those coffers.

With the eclipse of the moon here, we are getting extra instigation to delve into our shadows. Eclipse

season is always a time that favors Shadowcraft. Sometimes it can herald a period of feeling lost in the

darkness and despair of not knowing, or not understanding how to move forward in our lives.

Sometimes it can be a revelation of the missing piece to the puzzle that we’ve been searching for

tirelessly. Either way, it often calls forth big emotional responses. If we can tap into our Soul Selves and

use that connection as a touch stone as we surrender to the experience, we can emerge from the

eclipses with a stronger sense of Self and a stronger trusting of our capability to manifest our big dreams

in the world. It’s like Glennon Doyle writes in her book, Untamed—and I’m paraphrasing, here—if

we can trust ourselves enough to stop fighting the chaos of all the conditioning that is constantly

bearing down on us all at any given time, and allow ourselves to sink down beneath it into the deep,

dark, quiet calmness of our knowing, then we can rise again a more whole, authentic, magnetic version

of ourselves; unscathed by the shrapnel of all that chaos. Eclipse season is prime time for sinking in to

your knowing.

Lunar eclipses happen when the earth rolls between the sun and the moon, thus effectively blocking

the moon’s ability to reflect the light of the sun. This can signify a time during which the Sun illuminates the ways in which our earthly pursuits and societal conditioning may be blocking our own personal inner desires

and authenticity from being seen. When Sagittarius is acting as our guide through the lunar eclipse, we are given an opportunity to observe how we've allowed the outer world to infringe upon our own personal [inner] abilities to bring light to the world by exploring and pursuing our own big-picture dreams and desires. So, think outside the box; stop trying to fit your square peg into a round hole and look at what you can release and/or transform in order to go out and build your own square hole. The cosmos is supporting your efforts right now, so there’s no better time time to do this, blissmakers. (And, of course, if I can support you through the Shadowcraft in any way, just reach out! I’m always here for you!)

It’s been a little over a year since I’ve posted my Moon Phase Tarotscopes, but this seems a good time to

reinstate the practice. I mean, when else can we use a little divine guidance than during a full super

moon lunar eclipse, right? Here's the tarotscope for this lunar event. (You’re welcome.)

1. What mundane conditioning or conventions are blocking my ability to bask in the light of the

Sun? (Earth)

2. What deep desires/dreams am I ready to bring forth into expression in the world? (Full Moon


3. Where can I find support as I move through the fiery forge of this sagittarius lunar eclipse in

order to emerge a stronger and more brilliant version of myself? (Sun)

1. Ace Swords

2. The Tower

3. Knight Wands


1. What mundane conditioning or conventions are blocking my ability to bask in the light of the

Sun? (Earth)

1. Ace Swords, here, suggests the notion that there is a keeper of keys to the world of infinite dreams and possibilities. This is a false notion contrived by society as a means to keep order in a ‘civilized’ manner. If everyone has carte blanche to follow their dreams and believes that they are able to succeed as the individuals they are, then those in power find themselves fearful of losing control and power. This is not always maliciously intentional. It is simply a manifestation of operating from a perspective of scarcity rather than one of abundance. This is the underlying perspective on which our current modern society is built: that there isn’t enough (success, magick, glory, resources, power, etc.) for everyone, so we must meter it out carefully. This means there must be someone to meter it out, ergo, some governing body determines who can have what and when. This is conditioning that is blocking our ability to live our most blissful lives. This is what we must alchemize within ourselves to shift back into our abundance perspectives. Bliss is our birthright. Abundance is our birthright. It’s our natural-born design to follow our bliss, be in flow and have everything we need. It’s when we overthink things, and try to control what others are doing/being that we create limitations for ourselves.

2. What deep desires/dreams am I ready to bring forth into expression in the world? (Full Moon


2. We are ready to break with the paradigms under which we’ve been living for so many centuries. We are ready to crumble this unstable social experiment to the ground, dismantling it so that nothing remains but the scorched earth upon which it was built. We can have gratitude for the lessons and experiences with which this old paradigm has blessed us before moving forward into the next phase of building a new and more aligned structure for ourselves. The cards are telling us that we bring this social destruction not through outward violence, but by internal Shadowcraft. When we oversee our own internal dismantling of the structures and stories we’ve been operating on for most of our lives; the structures and stories that were created to keep us small and impressionable; that were created from a place of fear and scarcity; we can discover how to rebuild ourselves in a way that embraces ALL of who we are and what we have to share. Doing this work internally, for ourselves, creates a living embodied example for the rest of the world to witness how it can be done, and how delicious it can be when it’s over. The greatest way to teach anyone anything (IMO) is by example. The Tower card is encouraging you to start creating your own living example of what you want to see in the world around you. Break down your stories. Break down your limitations. Break down your resistances. Break down your blind obedience. And rise from those ashes as the person you WANT to be; the person you dream of being; the person you truly are.

3. Where can I find support as I move through the fiery forge of this Sagittarius lunar eclipse in

order to emerge a stronger and more brilliant version of myself? (Sun)

3. First of all, I love that the card pulled here depicts a literal movement through fire. Knight of Wands is speaking to us of where to find support through this trial by fire. Knights are messengers. They also carry the energy or spirit of the archetypical teenager. We are being told to stay alert to messages coming to us from within ourselves. Ask yourself the following: What excites me? What fills me with that sense of unstoppable energy and unlimited possibility for which teenagers are so famous? What are my dreams? What is my Soul whispering (or screaming) for me to do, explore, be, see, taste, feel? Grab onto those messages and create something new and beautiful for yourself. This is a time to turn within yourself to find the support you need to navigate this process successfully. If you are brave enough to do so, you will emerge through the fire with poise, conviction, resilience and a sense of undiluted bliss. Let’s do this, blissmakers!



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