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Gemini New Moon: A Mature Thinker

It's the Gemini New Moon, and, with it, a quintuple stellium including Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter! Holy Gemini energy, blissmakers! 

The Moon reached Her New phase this morning at 8:38a EDT at 16° Gemini. The Sabian Symbol for this lunation is: The Head Of A Robust Youth Changes Into That Of A Mature Thinker.

Gemini New Moon: A Mature Thinker

This augers a time of following your childish curiosity so that you might expand your knowledge base to, eventually, develop the skill of discernment in the way you process and communicate information. We are often taught that the childish curiosity is a tendency that should be squashed, but it is an integral part of the maturation process, and should never be discarded, IMO.  

Arguably the most potent part of the stellium is the exact conjunctions between Sun, Moon, and Venus. This is a very personal stellium on its own that speaks to the things we consider valuable resources in fulfilling our mission in this life. This smaller stellium is in an applying square to Saturn in Pisces. You may be pushed to some necessary change in your systems and structures. It may very well be uncomfortable. But try to resist the temptation to play the victim. (A temptation which might feel especially strong at this time.)


Mercury, Gemini's ruler, as part of the stellium, gives additional power, making it important to speak up for yourself. Talk things out! Self-advocate! Sing a song that provides a cathartic release! (Or scream into a pillow, for that matter.) Whatever you do, or feel, don't keep thins bottled up inside. At least not right now. With Jupiter in the mix, you might find everything is a little "extra", so better out than in, as Shrek always says, right?


With this high concentration of Gemini-inspired themes at this lunation, the time is ripe for using your voice to further your life's mission. Communicate authentically and with emotional vulnerability. The world will most likely find you very charming and likable right now, so take advantage and be as forthright as you can be.


There's also a Minor Triangle to Neptune in Pisces that could very well pull your focus away from the matters at hand. This will likely go in one of two ways: You will be intensely drawn toward spiritual practices to try to help you stay centered, focused and supported. Or, you will be intensely drawn toward your distraction actions to escape from the realities of mundane life and the complications that come from overthinking everything. Keep your wits about you and make sure wherever you're placing your focus, it's intentional.


Now is the time to lean into your curiosity, without succumbing to overthinking. Thoughtfully reflect on the data that's being presented, and allow your mind to make connections in an unfettered way. Give yourself permission to evolve into the Mature Thinker that's lurking within, and then wow yourself with the effects of such wisdom.


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