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Hello Gemini Season!

It's Gemini Season! Here are some ideas for how to harness the magick ...

Embrace your inner social butterfly! 

Gemini is a lively, chatty energy. Chat with your coworkers. Giggle with your girlfriends. Attend that party/wine tasting/book club event. Or better yet ... host your own tarot party! iIt's time to leave the comfort of your safe, little shell, and get out and mingle for a spell.

Indulge Your Curiosity! 

Gemini loves to learn. It's data-crazy! This is a great time to feed your mind with some new information. And what better way to do so than by learning more about yourself? Try an astrology or human design reading. Learn to develop your intuition. Or for the really inquisitive, dive into some personal alchemy sessions. Of course, you could also just lose yourself in a good book, documentary or class. The choice is yours.

Speed up! 

Gemini is quick! It likes to move, to shake, to pivot and switch. It's fast like lightning! Give yourself permission to give in to your restlessness. Dance the quickstep! Sprint to your mailbox! Express thought after thought after thought after thought after ... all in one breath! Take power naps, because they're faster! And, while you're at it, hurry up and book some services to engage that inquisitive Gemini energy!


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