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Jupiter conjunct Uranus

WHAT: Jupiter conjunct Uranus

WHEN: 04.20.2024 / 10:27p EDT

It’s finally happening! Jupiter and Uranus are finally making their exact conjunction on 20 April at 10:27p EDT. Get ready for some fireworks!

These two planets have been flirting with each other for a while now, and the tension has been building in a delicious crescendo. And now they are finally going to merge. This is a conjunction that only happens every 14 years. Will the reality be as dramatic as the build-up? We shall see …

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, Truth, international travel, broadened perspectives, legal matters, and higher learning. It is often considered the luckiest planet and is, therefore, called the Great Benefic. It is a social planet and so tends to have an effect on our social experiences. 

Uranus is the great awakener. It’s a changemaker, freedom fighter, rebel and innovator. It is also the planet that asks us to honor the quirks of the  individual as they exist to be of service to the collective. Uranus brings breakthroughs and liberates us from old sticky patterns and conditions. And since it’s the natural modern ruler of the 11th House, it tends to have some relationship with our circles of influence. 

As these two planets finally embrace one another, we might expect an increase in big changes happening around us. (As if we haven’t been experiencing enough of this kind of energy this year!)

This union takes place in earthy, practical Taurus. There could be financial repercussions or other threats to our sense of security during this time. It may also spur us to reevaluate what we hold true and necessary for ourselves. 

We’ve been experiencing this energy for a while as these two planets have technically been conjunct for a while, and will continue to experience for a while longer. But Saturday’s exact conjunction could bring an intensity to their energies that could feel like a sudden display of fireworks exploding our lives as we know them. 

Be prepared, friends. Uranus is an outer planet and tends to have collective ramifications. Jupiter is a social planet, and, as mentioned, tends to work us on the level of our social relationships. And where they land in your own birth chart will determine how personally you experience the shrapnel of the conjunction. 

It should also be pointed out, though, that despite the wake-up/shake-up intensity potential of these planets, any destruction or discomfort will be in service to the evolutionary progress of the collective. (That’s Uranus’ ultimate goal, and Jupiter is here to amplify our search for the Truth.) So, if you find yourself wallowing in the remains of what was once your verdant and peaceful life, but is now a tattered mess of unrecognizable debris and detritus, know that it’s temporary, and that it will open opportunities to build something even better.

The Sabian symbol for this conjunction is: A White Dove Flying Straight And Fearlessly Over Troubled Waters. This speaks to me of our ability to trust in the positive aspects of this kind of difficult (and even devastating) upheaval; to navigate the storm with Hope, Direction, Courage and Determination; and to remember that Peace offers freedom from destructive forces.

We’re never given more than we can handle, right?

I'd like to take this time to remind you (and myself) that we are never alone. Reach out to your friends and community members. Support each other! I’m right here with you, too. Just a mouse click away. And I’m holding you in my heart through it all.


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