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Mars + Pluto = Zero?

Hello blissmakers. It’s a kinda intense time lately. Are you feeling it too? 

The Sun is still in Aquarius, with His sidekick, Mercury, and His new pal, Pluto. And, on top of that, Mars has just sidled up to Pluto in a 0° conjunction. So much Aquarian energy being activated! (And Venus will soon be joining later in the week.)

Aquarius energy can be sudden and surprising, bringing shifts seemingly out of the blue. The key word to keep in mind here? Pivot. Flex those muscles and nimble those steps … we are all likely to need to pivot at some point (maybe several points) this week. 

With Mars coming into that super tight conjunction with Pluto at the first degree of Aquarius, we get a special kind of combustible energy. Mars is the planet of action, drive and gumption. Pluto is the planet of power, shadow and transformation. It can be very intense and sometimes can feel very dark. But out of that darkness can come powerful transformations. So, Mars is here to try to get some things started. He’s excited about this innovative Aquarian energy. He’s ready to light it up! But Pluto is slow and steady. He’s diving down into the depths to find what flotsam and jetsam can be jettisoned out of the boat, so to speak. So, we may feel a sense of kinetic energy without outlet today. It might feel as if we’re revving our engines, but are unable to actually leave the starting line. 

Yes, this can feel frustrating. But it’s not for naught. That slow Plutonian current will eventually runs it course and then Mars will take off like a shot from a cannon. And that’s a whole different kind of intensity. 

I encourage you (and me, too) to try to cultivate patience today. It’s okay if frustrations arise. It’s okay if we feel our actions are being thwarted at every intersection. Remember that this a gift from Pluto to allow us to dig deeply enough to discover those fears and limitations that have been tripping us up. Once we understand what has truly been getting in our way (our own inner conditioned stories), we can allow that decisive Mars in Aquarius power to bring us liberation where we really need it. 

By the end of the week we will have a five planet stellium in change-making Aquarius. In order to keep your feet and your wits about you, expect the unexpected. Open to the idea of change. Get ready to pivot. 

Who knows where you might end up at the end of it all? Wherever that is, you can be sure it will be for your higher good and the good of the collective. That’s what Aquarius is all about, after all. Bon chance, friends! xoxo 💋


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