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Midsummer 2024: A Changing Of The Flags

Midsummer is upon us! Midsummer is Nature’s sacred holiday that occurs on the Summer Solstice. It’s also commonly known as Litha. 

Midsummer, traditionally, marked the midpoint of the Summer season. (Hence, the name.) Though, according to the Gregorian calendar favored by the United States and other nations, it now marks the beginning of Summer. Either way, it still sits at the pinnacle of the waxing half of the year, for it’s on the Summer Solstice that the Sun reaches the height of His power creating the longest day of the year. (It creates the longest day in the northern hemisphere, that is. For those in the southern hemisphere, it’s the longest night of the year.)

In 2024, the Solstice becomes exact at 4:51p (EDT) on 20, June. The Sun, at this moment, will reside at 0° Cancer. The Sabian Symbol for this position is On A Ship The Sailors Lower An Old Flag And Raise A New One. Clearly this is a pivotal time heralding the completion of one thing in order to make way for what’s next. 

Midsummer 2024: A Changing Of The Flags

In pagan tradition this transition is marked with the story of the Oak King versus the Holly King. The Oak King is the waxing energy of the Sun; the Holly King, the waning. The two goliaths meet for battle at each Solstice. It is at the Summer Solstice that the Holly King defeats the Oak King, thus ushering in the reign of waning solar energy. From here until the Winter Solstice, our access to the Sun’s light will wane a little more every day until the Holly King, at his greatest strength and power, gets defeated by the Oak King. And, thus, the cycle continues.

With the Sun just making His entrance into Cancer, the shift toward Cancerian themes may be slow and subtle at the first. But they’ll emerge with this new shift of energy as the month progresses. Get ready to get in touch with your emotions. Let your feminine side out to play. Make nesting an Olympic-level endeavor. And really lean into your intuition. This is the season for some very potent downloads. 

Be cautious of any ‘smother mother' tendencies at this time, though. And also remember that your skin might feel a little thinner right now. It’s okay to shell up, and even to hermit yourself a bit, but be careful not to cut yourself off from life completely. 

Midsummer is often a time to celebrate the life-giving power of the Sun. As such, fire features heavily in many celebratory practices. Sunflowers, sunstones and sun teas are also thematically on point for this holiday. Though, if you prefer to be a little less ‘on the nose’, you can also gather up some of Nature’s bounty for your enjoyment. This might include produce, flowers, and grains. You can barbecue foods, don flower crowns, drink from coconut shell cups, and dance and frolic in the warmth of the Sun’s awesome rays. (Anyone else ready for a tiki party?)

With the Sun in a Cancerian stellium with Mercury and Venus, this should prove to be a time of charming discourse, flirty one-liners, and witty banter galore. Conversation should flow pretty easily and the general vibe will likely be as sunny as the day itself. 

The Moon in optimistic Sagittarius is squaring Saturn in Pisces, so you may find yourself longing for the answers to Life’s Big Questions. And with a little strategic seeking, you just may gain a few hints and insights. 

The stellium squares Neptune in Pisces. This is a great opportunity to infuse all that charming chatter with some far out tangents, imaginative storytelling or spiritual guidance to help expand those conversations beyond the mundane. This is also a great time to practice some guided meditations to help that transitional process of releasing old patterns and perspectives and calling in something new.

Following are some ideas for practical ways to celebrate this magickal holiday. You're invited to use them as inspiration for curating your own perfectly personalized observance of the Solstice.

However you choose to celebrate this transitional moment, I encourage you to take a moment or two to honor what you’ve accomplished so far this year. Bask in the Sun’s light both literally and metaphorically by recognizing how bright and beautiful and life-giving you are, just by being the YOU you came here to be. Happy celebrating, bright one! xoxo 💋


🔥 Make some sparks! Let fire feature in your revelries in whatever form feels delightful for you. This could be gathering around a community bonfire, an intimate hearthfire, a candle. You could even go big with some fireworks and sparklers!

💮 Try some flower power! Incorporate some blooming plants into your outdoor gardens, decks, balconies, and patios. Bring a freshly cut bouquet into your living and working spaces. Visit a local botanical garden to enjoy what’s in bloom. Make a floral crown to wear while dancing in the sunlight. 

✌ Honor your victories. Set aside some time to list out all the wins and successes you've amassed since last Midsummer. No victory is too small to recognize! Write them down, say them aloud, visualize them individually, or even act them out in a special game of charades or interpretive dance. Just be sure to consciously honor and celebrate each and every one. This is the Sun’s power—to illuminate how we shine in the world. Shine brightly!

🙏 Give thanks. Midsummer is the height of the growing season. All the natural world is expressing abundance and sharing its bounty freely. Try making a sacred act out of expressing gratitude for the abundance in your own life. If you’re having trouble feeling thankful, start with what nourishes you. Most people can find gratitude for a crumb of bread or the support of a loved one. 

🗣 Tell some stories. Storytelling is an ancient and beloved way to bring people together and share information. As mentioned above, the cosmic map of this year’s Solstice sets us up with supportive energy for sharing stories thanks to that Cancerian stellium. Whether you speak your stories or write them down is up to you. 


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