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New Year // New Experiments

Now that the blunt crispness of this new year is starting to soften and I'm getting more settled into it and the new rhythms that come with the turning of the calendar, I am putting more focused attention to my wishes for the twelve months ahead.

It was many years ago that I determined to use the phrase 'experiments' rather than 'resolutions' to describe these wishes. Grammatically, both work, of course. However, the latter has such a heft and reverence to it that anything I 'resolved' to do seemed like drudgery and obligation, simply from phrasing it as a resolution, which, to me, sounds so much like 'ultimatum'. It's an unfair association, really, but it's one I carry, nonetheless, so changing my language to 'experiments' makes the whole business feel lighter, more fun and more based on curiosity than drudgery.

I started my experiments list in December before the year officially closed its doors. So much, however, has shifted and settled since then that I decided to wait to officially declare them until I felt more grounded in myself, in my new home space, in the quiet cocoon that is Winter after the holiday noise has drifted away. This gave me the opportunity to check in with my deepest self, asking whether these proposed experiments were really in line with my dreams, desires, needs and design; or if they needed some tweaking to better serve me and my service to the world.

I know that my life will continue to evolve and metamorphose as the year unfolds. And despite the care I've taken in crafting these experiments, they will, at least some of them, change with those tides. Still others may fall by the wayside to be replaced by new experiments later on. I'm okay with that. In fact, I welcome that evolution, for that will mean that I am growing and I am allowing myself to spread my wings, unhindered, in the direction of that growth.

But, for now, these are my experiments for 2021. I share them here with you as a way of grounding my commitment to them; as a way of offering a little insight into me and my journey so we might feel a little more connected in these disconnected times; and in the hopes that something here might light a spark of inspiration for you.


  • Find a Human Design mentor to help me bridge together what I've learned of the system into a cohesive language, allowing me to become an effective reader of the stories hidden in the charts, and giving me a deeper understanding of the whole system that I might apply the principles more effectively to my own life whilst helping others to do the same.

  • Create a system for managing my finances in a way that feels abundant and enjoyable while still being efficient and practical, including consolidating my debt, streamlining my income and simplifying my budgeting.

  • Plan and facilitate a retreat—preferably destination-based, but virtual, if necessary.

  • Create a viable business plan with Sister for our inspired new venture.

  • Create a safe and sacred home space to set down my roots for a while; a space where I can be my best self, be more creative, care for myself better and be more effective at getting my needs met in ways that feel good and sustainable.

  • Create more content—both free and for purchase—for Experiments In Bliss, putting into form the many ideas I've been nursing for months.

  • Curate a capsule wardrobe with only clothes that leave me feeling comfortable and beautiful when I wear them.

  • Enact a consistent and focused fitness practice including strength, endurance and flexibility training.

  • Take even more steps in the direction of sustainable living, reducing waste and being more conscious about how I utilize my purchasing power (aka: where I spend my dollars).

  • Create more opportunities for meaningful social connection. (Moon Meetings, Sabbat celebrations, nature expeditions, creative play dates, etc.)

  • Love myself daily. Take a moment to truly bask in the wonder of Me. Every. Day.

I have some specific actionable goals attached to some of these, and others are just left loose so I can experiment with what feels best for me in implementing them. There's a good chance I'll be adding, deleting and editing this list quite regularly throughout the year. Still, it's helpful for me to have a starting declaration of what's feeling good for me right here, right now.

And it feels good to share my experiments with you, dear reader. I hope my doing so will serve you in some blissful way. At the very least, I hope you feel inspired to add my last experiment to your own list, to your own life. You are very worthy of love and celebration. I'm in love with you!

I wish for you a year of beautiful experiments and prosperous, blissful outcomes. The world is a magickal place. Here's to harnessing that magick and spreading it all around! xoxo ...


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