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Omen Days 2021/2022

The Omen Days are upon us again. It’s time to look to Nature, the Cards, the Cosmos for portents for the coming year.

If you want to know a little more about the Omen Days you can read my blog post from last year (HERE). But the gist of it is that these are the intercalary days that are added to the conventional Gregorian calendar so that it will align with the more Natural passage of the Sun and Moon. These days begin on the day following Christmas (12/26) and continue to Twelfth Night (01/06).

When using the Omen Days as a divination tool, each day represents one month of the coming year. The omens, signs and divinatory revelations that present themselves on each day will provide insight into what we might expect in that particular month in the coming year. For instance, the omens we receive on 12/26 will pertain to January of the new calendar year. Those of 12/27 will pertain to February, and so forth.

Traditionally, these omens would be found in the Natural world. However, in these complex modern times, where technology reigns supreme, many of us have limited unfettered access to Nature. That’s why I turn to my trusty tarot cards when working with the magick of the Omen Days.

I went back and revisited my divinations from last year’s Omen Days to see how they matched up with what really transpired. I am pleased to report that they were pretty aligned with the energies that actually manifested in each of the months during the year.

This coming year, I hope to remember to check in with each Omen Days omen at the turning of its corresponding month, so that I can follow along more consciously and make notes of the accuracy of this practice as well as allowing these omens to inform my monthly Moon cycle experiments.

If you’d like to follow along with my divinations for the Omen Days, follow me on Instagram. That’s where I post them. And if you’re feeling called to share your own omens there, tag me! (

Wishing you a blessed close to the calendar year, a fortuitous series of Omen Days and a sacred and shining new year as it unfolds, blissmakers!


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