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Sagittarius Full Moon: Checkmate!

It’s time for the Sagittarius Full Moon, Luna lovers! This lunation occurs on Thursday morning at 9:53a EDT at 2° Sagittarius. 

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is: Two Men Playing Chess. This conjures ideas about strategy, patience and concentration for me. This is surely a competition. One might even call it a battle. But it’s not about brute strength, might or physical bravery.  Rather, this is a battle of wits. It requires cunning, intelligence and a willingness to play the long game.

This Moon may be sitting all alone in the chart, but the Sun is cozied up with Venus, Jupiter and Uranus putting all these planets in opposition with the Moon. This brings an opportunity to check in with how you are feeling about the changes that have been occurring of late. How are they aligning with your beliefs, dreams, and desires? How are they changing your beliefs, dreams, and desires?

Mercury is like the kid sibling trying to keep up with the big kids in this stellium. It’s only loosely conjuncting the others, but it’s still there and so He may make Himself heard even if He’s not as loud as the rest. Take care to listen to how you are expressing yourself under this Moon. Your language may give you clues to feelings that haven’t even yet reached your conscious mind.

Mars and Chiron are conjunct in Aries. Be careful! You might find your actions are being motivated by your pain. You would be better served to take decisive action toward healing your wounds rather than letting them drive the proverbial car. 

Venus and Jupiter are exactly conjunct in Taurus. (Venus is in Her domicile here, too.) This can leave you riding a romantic high. Go with it. Enjoy it. But remember that we are playing the long game. Despite the sense of urgency created by these planets in the anoretic degree of Taurus, this is not a time for rushing into anything too serious. Keep your wits about you. Note what else is happening on the board, and make your moves accordingly.

The Moon and Neptune are making a Minor Triangle to Pluto in Aquarius. Turning your focus to bringing those deeper, inner feelings to the fore may be the key to unlocking all the gifts this Full Moon is promising. Consider doing a little Shadowcraft, some deep personal inquiry, or diving into some personal development practices that help you dig around in your dark inner places. 

Remember, this is a long game. It’s not a time for rash actions. Patience and diligence are the tools of the day. Use them wisely and you just might find yourself poised for something great. Checkmate!


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