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I don’t know about you, but I find Sundays to be undeniably romantic. There’s a magick to Sunday that I cannot seem to capture any other day. It seems that the whole world slows down, just a bit, on Sundays. As if we all take a collective breath and sigh it out slowly and sweetly.

I don’t even really sleep in on Sundays. I know this might sound weird. Of course, if I really need it, I will allow a lie in, but, on most Sundays, I’m up at an only slighter later than usual hour to get to the gym for my morning workout. It’s this surge of movement, rush of oxygen to body and brain cells, the boost of serotonin, that helps me milk as much pleasure out of this golden day as possible.

I don’t have a set schedule for Sundays, but I do give myself a list of tasks for each Sunday. This gives my day a loose structure which works well for me. (I’m Virgo Moon and Rising, after all.) But I don’t sweat it if my tasks don’t all get finished. This is Sunday, after all. The only sweating I want to do is during my workout.

Most Sundays I’ll catch up on whatever I’ve had to deny myself of during the week. Sometimes that is time in the kitchen, cooking or baking. Other times it’s reading, studying something of interest, or working on a creative project. Sometimes I clean my house. (Somehow cleaning doesn’t feel like drudgery when it’s done on a Sunday.)

Many Sundays will find me spending time outside, in the lap of Mama Nature. Because, on Sundays, I have the time and freedom to wander about at my own pace, following my bliss as it directs me where to go. Drinking in the fresh air, sweet scents of herbs and flowers, feeling the warmth of the Sun on my face … this is the stuff of LIFE. This restores my body, my mind and my Soul.

I don’t really know what it is about Sundays … whether I’m a victim of social programming that’s lead me to believe that Sundays are supposed to be this way; or whether there really is a particular magick that exists only on Sundays. Either way, I feel it: The magick of Sundays. And it fills me up like the most potent tonic ever created.


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