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Welcome to Pisces Season

The Sun entered Pisces yesterday (18 February, 2024). We are officially into a new astrological season. Pisces is the 12th and last sign of the zodiac. It is the closing bookend of the wheel. It’s a season of reviewing and wrapping up loose threads and making ready for the rebirth of the new year when the Sun rolls into Aries next month.

Pisces is a nebulous sign. It is ethereal, dreamy and spiritual. Pisces is the understanding that we are all unified in this Universe because we all consist of energy from the same source. It is only our outward expression that differentiates us. There is a deep vein of compassion running through Pisces season. There is also a strong energetic invitation to go with the flow, much like the turtles riding the East Australian Current in the movie, Finding Nemo. 

Pisces is a mutable water sign. It flows with an ease and grace as it shifts and slides around any obstacle in its path. It’s very adaptable which allows it to hold more space for those who create challenges for it. It’s highly sensitive, empathic and intuitive, tapping into knowledge that exists beyond the conventional psycho-material plane. 

When the Sun is in Pisces, you might find yourself more emotionally sensitive and/or emotionally expressive. You may find that your energetic antenna is tuning in to just the right frequency to send you powerfully clear intuitive broadcasts. You may also find it easier to surrender to the path in front of you. Fighting the current only brings exhaustion. Accepting the path and flowing with it can take you to beautiful new places you never knew were possible.

Here are some ideas for tapping into this Piscean energy:

  • Submerge yourself in water. Literally surrendering yourself to the weightlessness of Mama Nature’s womb fluid can be a magickal way to connect with the permeability of this 12th sign of the zodiac.

  • Embrace your intuitive gifts. This is a wonderful season for engaging, exploring and developing your natural intuitive talents. There are unlimited ways to do this, but you might consider my upcoming Tarot Workshop or my Intuition Development Online Course or Coaching Program.

  • Dive into your dreamscapes. Our dreamscapes are a virtual cornucopia of subconscious and even divine intelligence. Practice various techniques to tap into the powerful messages your dreams have to share with you. 

  • Join a water aerobics class. This is a fun way to keep your body healthy while communing with others. It’s also a great reminder that everyone has the ability to grow and expand no matter what the limitations.

  • Watch, read or research about space, deep oceanography or even very exotic cultures. (Pisces is also the energy of far, far away places.) 

  • Take a temporary escape into some entertainment that evokes Piscean themes, such as the films Coco, Beetlejuice, What Dreams May Come, or Flatliners, or the books The Midnight Library, Many Lives Many Masters, etc.

Some of the potential shadowy expressions of Pisces season to be on the lookout for are the presence of lies and illusions. These could be coming at you from the outside world or being born into the world from your own thoughts and voice. There is also an increased pull toward escapism. This is a common tendency in our culture. When the world outside becomes too much for our sensitive systems to handle, some of us just check out. There are a million ways to escape reality from the classics, like drugs, alcohol, food and sex, to some that can be a little harder to spot, like excessive reading, throwing ourselves into some form(s) of art, or even becoming agoraphobic (which looks much less obvious in these days of digital convenience).

It’s okay to give yourself a little extra care during Pisces season. Be easy with yourself. Get more rest. Allow more space for your feelings. Exhale. Hydrate. And treat yourself to some self-care practices that put you in that dreamy delicious state that feels so good.

There’s still a lot of Aquarian energy at play in the cosmos, but with the Sun now in Pisces we may find it easier to roll with those sudden surprising kinks that arise. I, for one, am feeling hopeful about this. How about you?


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