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Spirituality is an important aspect to any blissful life.  Many people confuse spirituality with  religion, but they are not the same thing. Spirituality is simply a connection with Spirit.  This can be the spirit of creation/Nature (deity), but can also be the spirit of the breath, motivation, ideas (inspiration), the higher/divine Self, or even a connection with the spirit of community (interpersonal connection). Spirituality is the practice of tuning into something that is greater than we are as individuals.  It is how we create unity from singularity. Spirituality also encompasses those practices that allow us to connect more deeply with ourselves and our innate knowledge of our world.  These practices allow us to experience more meaningful relationships with ourselves, with others, and with the world around us.  As with wellness and lifestyle, there are innumerable different ways to cultivate a connection with Spirit.  

Some ways in which you can grow your spiritual connections:

  • meditation

  • tarot readings 

  • crystal + gemstone work

  • walking in the woods / forest bathing

  • swimming in the ocean

  • taking baths

  • ceremonies/rituals

  • Shadow work

  • pranayama (breathwork) practice

  • studying various spiritual paths

  • ecstatic dance

  • spellcasting

  • Self-Love

I feel a real sense of bliss when I get to experience Spirit directly.  There's nothing at all wrong with using a mediator/translator/conduit for that connection, but I always feel it more fully and powerfully when I am right there in it - in direct, full-potency connection - just me and the All-That-Is.  I want to help you to have your own full-on ecstatic relationship with Spirit in a way that really lights you up.  It really does, in my opinion, elevate a good life to a blissful life.

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For more information on tarot readings, or to book a reading for yourself or a friend, click HERE.

You can also check my blog for additional information on wellness, lifestyle and spirituality practices, tips and hacks.

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