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labradorite crystal

Labradorite is a member of the feldspar family of gemstones. It has a lovely unique coloration that consists of an array of blues, greens, grays, and even golds. It is often marbled with variations in color and design, and peppered with veins throughout. It is composed in aggregate layers which refract light to create its trademark iridescence.


Labradorite was discovered by Moravian missionaries in the late 1700s in Labrador, Canada. It was, obviously, named for the location in which it was unearthed.


This is a stone that is most closely aligned with the brow chakra, or the Third Eye. It can stimulate mental clarity and acuity, imaginative thinking and the generation of new and interesting ideas. And, it’s a great choice if you’re looking to recharge your sense of adventure.

Labradorite encourages contemplation and introspection which means it’s also a great stone for reducing stress and anxiety, and calming a hyperactive monkey mind.


There is a mysterious quality to this stone with its shifting colors and textures just beneath the smooth cool gray surface. It’s no surprise, therefore, that several cultures have been said to attribute magical powers to labradorite under the belief that it is a sort of shrapnel that fell from the Aurora Borealis, or Great Northern Lights. Mystics, psychics, and healers turn to it regularly to strengthen their ties with alternate realities and with their own innate powers of intuition and energy healing.


To wear or carry labradorite encourages one’s own connection with Spirit, and assists in communicating with higher guides and accessing the Akashic Records. It provides a safe exploration of alternate worlds and times. Past-Life Regression Therapists can benefit from using this stone as a way of bringing forgotten memories to light and deciphering the wisdom therein for their clients. This powerful stone also helps develop sensitivity in the hands, which makes it useful for touch therapists and energy healers.


Labradorite is arguably the most powerful protector of the mineral kingdom. It protects against negativity and misfortune. It protects the aura - the energetic field of people, animals and things. It’s also good for recharging depleted energy levels from overexertion or from ‘psychic vampire’ attacks. And when you’re feeling low, labradorite can help boost one’s trust in the Universe, giving a much needed realization that all is unfolding in perfect order for our higher good.


I, personally, have a beautiful labradorite generator crystal that brings me so much joy. I keep it with my tarot cards and always set it out when I’m doing readings. I also use it when I’m feeling like I need a little positive energy shift, and when I am doing any work that requires thought and creativity. (It’s setting beside my computer as I write this!) I’ll often use labradorite when doing gemstone therapy with clients, too, for Third Eye blockages and psycho-spiritual healing.

Labradorite is an beautiful and versatile stone. I love working with it in my personal life and in my business.

As with any stone, if you are interested in purchasing one of your very own, I recommend going to a local crystal shop where you can interact with the stone directly before purchasing it. If this is not available to you, then I encourage you to buy online from companies with good reputations and even better return policies.

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