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The Tarot Tells: Find out what's in store for this next moon cycle

Deck: Ceccoli Tarot

Date: 11 May, 2017

Moon Phase: FULL

Spread: Truncated Celtic Cross

Cards Drawn:

1. 3 Cups

2. 4 Cups

3. 5 Clubs

4. Magician

5. The Hermit

6. The Wheel of Fortune

Reading Synopsis:

We currently find ourselves in a position of contentment, frivolity, and freedom (3 Cups). There is an ease to emotional expression. We are skillfully navigating the ebb and flow of the tides as we move through this moment in time. The challenge here, as depicted by the 4 of Cups, is to continue to go with the flow, and to not separate ourselves in the name of safety. We may feel tempted to protect ourselves from the potential dangers that can lurk around any corner in this game of life, but if we do, we will only set ourselves back. In order to move forward and really gain the rewards available to us, we must be willing to swim in the deeps as well as the shallows. And it would behoove us to find a way to do so with a sense of joy and gratitude. Otherwise, we may be safe, but we will also be alone, dissatisfied, and unfulfilled.

On a superficial level, the 5 Clubs shows that we may find ourselves feeding our own demons, our limiting beliefs, in an attempt to appease them and keep them from causing us any undue harm. This plan of action, though, may appease those demons, but it doesn’t defeat them. So, they will continue to limit our growth and our potential until we finally face these beliefs head on and transmute them to work to our benefit. The Magician, in position 4 (as it was in last full moon’s reading), tells us that we have all the tools we need to do just that. We have it in our power to transmute and tame those beasts - which, after all, are of our own creation - into allies that will support our growth rather than impeding it. Only we can choose how we present ourselves to the world, and how we reveal ourselves to ourselves. Getting honest with ourselves and aligning our actions with our authentic needs, desires, beliefs, and truths will help us overcome those temptations to separate ourselves from life. Only we have the power to accept and love who we truly are. Once we realize this, and start putting that power into practice, we will rejoin the easy flow of contentment, fulfillment, and freedom that is our birthright.

The last moon phase, summarized by The Hermit, was one of inner illumination. We had the opportunity to enter the dark shadows within and to bring light to what was hiding there. It was a time for internal inventory checking. Taking stock of what we were storing in our coffers and shining light on those thoughts, beliefs, patterns that were past their useful date, has lead us to the current brink of fulfillment on which we now rest. If we are, indeed, able to trust in the flow of life, and overcome the fear of fully diving in and dancing the dance with the wild abandon of a child in the throes of blissful wonder, then we will, once again, move forward on our paths.

Should we find that mastery within, should we trust in ourselves enough to dive into the depths and splash about in the shallows with equal ease and affection, we are likely to find ourselves, once again, being tested by the Universe (The Wheel of Fortune). Think of it as a pop quiz in which the Universe wants to know what we’ve learned, and how to tailor the upcoming lesson plan to foster our continued success. Yes, it can sometimes seem a little scary. But if we are able to remember that we are never asked to endure more than we are able to handle, then we can ace these tests with flying colors and nary a bead of sweat on our confident brows. We’ve got this!

So, my suggestion to you, is to get out and throw yourself into the dance of life with wild abandon. Feel any discomfort that arises for you. Honor it. Thank it for looking out for you. Then dismiss it, and start dancing. This is an exciting time. Get out there and enjoy it!

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