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How Massage Therapy Can Save Your Life

What springs to mind when you hear the words Massage Therapy? Indulgent pampering? Injury rehabilitation? Pain management? Stress release and relief? Well, if you didn’t already know, Massage Therapy can be all of these things, and more.

I believe that Massage Therapy is an important piece of our personal healthcare maintenance and dis-ease/injury prevention care. It is one of the pillars of health and wellness and should be used as such to achieve optimum vitality in body, mind, and spirit.

At it’s most basic, Massage Therapy is the manual manipulation of the soft tissue structures of the body to effect positive healing benefits. There are countless techniques and styles of massage to suit most every taste preference out there. The key is to find the modality and the therapist that best fits your personal needs and preferences. This is why I believe it is important to try several different styles of massage and different therapists when you are first embarking on your healing journey. Even if you love your first experience, it can be beneficial to see what else is available in your area. You may find that alternating between a couple different modalities will serve you best, or you may find that your first experience was, indeed, the best for you. Once you’ve sampled what’s available, you can then make an educated choice when crafting your own personal health maintenance plan for yourself.

In these modern times, it can be easy to forget that we are in charge of our own health. Despite our reliance on doctors and other medical personnel, it is each of us, individually, who has been tasked [by Nature] with the responsibility of maintaining these mortal bodies that house our spirits. Only we can take the actions that will lead to our vibrancy or our demise. This is why it is so important to be involved in the cultivation of your own healthcare plan.

As the old wives used to say: An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Those wives knew what they were talking about! If we manage our bodies with the idea of preventing dis-ease and injury, rather than simply waiting around to address damage once it’s done, we will be primed for living lives of vitality, energy, productivity, and bliss.

Massage Therapy has many benefits. Among them are increased circulation, improved immune function, injury rehabilitation, acute and chronic pain relief, improved athletic performance and recovery, stress management, and increased energy and vitality. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it gives an idea of the many and varied benefits that can be had as a direct result of regular Massage Therapy.

Now that you know a little bit about why massage is important, let me tell you more about my approach to Massage Therapy and what you can expect from a session with me, in particular.

I have massage training in Swedish, Myofascial Release, Nuad Boran (Thai), Structural Integration, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy, and Reiki and Energetic Healing. My practice has evolved through the years into one that allows me to build sessions around the specific needs and desires of each client.

My Massage Therapy style is very intuitive; each client session is different. I rely on my training and years of experience to provide individualized, effective sessions for each client that graces my table. I have worked with a wide and varied clientele base from ironman athletes to school teachers to music industry bigwigs to stay at home moms. I have helped my clients overcome acute injuries, chronic pain, postural imbalances, elevated stress levels, and many things in between. I believe that every client has the power to heal her or his own body, and that education of physical patterns as well as home care can go a long way toward enhancing this power. To that end, I offer somatic insights to those clients who want it, and am happy to offer suggestions on how to extend the healing benefits of bodywork though home care practices.

I have been told by many that I have “magical” hands. One client recently told me I was “made of magick”. And another client bestowed the honorific title of “Unicorn Hands” upon me. While I take great pride in these monikers, I truly believe that I am merely a conduit for the healing powers that reside in and around all of us. I strive to live my life in such a way as to foster my connection with these powerful forces. I feel very blessed to have been chosen for this work, and I am grateful that my clients are able to benefit from this blessing.

I would love to have the pleasure of working with you, and helping you cultivate your own personal healthcare plan. But, whether you choose to work with me, or another therapist, I hope you make Massage Therapy a priority in your wellness routine. Enjoy the journey!

Go HERE to book a Massage Therapy session with me, or send me an email with any questions you have regarding massage or healthcare, in general.

The accompanying photo was taken by the talented and lovely Melissa Godwin.

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