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The Tarot Tells ... A Hunter's Full Moon Forecast

Hello there, Bliss Bunnies! It's Hunter's Moon time! The Hunter's Moon is a time for going out there and getting what you want and need to survive and thrive. Take stock of what you harvested at the last full moon, and see what's missing from the pot. Then go out and get yourself a bagful of whatever you need to spice up your soup.

The Hunter's Moon will illuminate your path as you set out on the prowl. Now's not a time to be timid. Bold, brave action is your best bet now. The moon is in feisty Aries, after all.

What do the cards reveal about this Hunter's Moon influence? The outlook's pretty good for those who are willing to do the work that the Hunter's Moon requires. Read on for more insights ...

DATE: 5 October, 2017

MOON PHASE: Full Moon in Aries (Hunter's Moon)

TIME: 10:05p

DECK: Dreaming Way Tarot

SPREAD: Full Moon Spread


1. What's going on right now?

2. What needs to be done about it?

3. Where are things headed [during this moon cycle]?

4. + 5. What things should be looked for [during this moon cycle]?

Hunter's Full Moon Spread

1. DEATH = The Death card is not as ominous as it is portrayed in old Hollywood films and television. In fact, the Death card is one of my favorites. It heralds change. Picture the Grim Reaper with his scythe. It's about cutting away whatever has lost its usefulness to the big picture. This can be something material, like a move to a new home or new job. Or it might be time for a more spiritual or mental/emotional change, such as letting go of your jealousy toward a particular person, or working to change a pessimistic thought pattern to a positive one. Death doesn't play favorites. There's no judgment of whether something is good or bad. It's more, is it working for me? So, hang on, dearies! Change - of some kind - is afoot!

2. 9 CUPS = This card is telling us, very simply, to sit with our full emotional experience. This is a time to really be present ... and that includes fully being with any accompanying discomfort. Doing so allows The Process to work its magick. It's kind of like when your GPS navigator reroutes you after a wrong turn or changed your course. In order to reconfigure your new best route, you have to take a moment to figure out where you currently are.

3. 10 PENTACLES = The 10 of Pentacles is a bit of a rock star card. It's all about material success, prosperity, social connection and revelry. Good times, they are on the horizon! Woo hoo!

4. THE LOVERS = The Lovers, as you might have guessed, can represent relationship and partnership (including the romantic, platonic, and business-related varieties). But it also suggests choices being presented. This card showing up in this position hints at the possibility of finding something your soul requires to provide a sense of completion or wholeness.

5. ACE PENTACLES = The Ace of Pentacles echoes the 10 of Pentacles we saw earlier. The Ace is the undiluted potential of material success, and the 10 is that potential realized. This card often offers up little doses of good luck, too.


The Hunter's Moon ushers in a cycle of determined, passion-driven action. We have the opportunity to go after what we want, physically and metaphorically. In order to do take full advantage of this opportunity, we are instructed to be present in each moment, to really feel our full spectrum of feelings, and to get close and personal with what it is that really makes us who we are and drives us to do what we do. If we manage to do this, we are guaranteed success.

We will not be traveling blind, however. We are always given guidance and aid along the way, if only we remember to look for it and accept it. During this moon cycle, you may find yourself making some transformative connections, and/or being presented with some choices that could shape your lives in new and profound ways. Listen to your inner guidance to know how to make those choices, and don't be afraid to ask for help from those nearest and dearest to you. Also, be on the lookout for financial opportunities/propositions, and unexpected gifts. It's important to accept these helpful offerings along the way.

Remember: Fortune favors the brave! Stick to your path, but be open to re-routing if a better road appears. Be true to your Self, let your passions guide you, and accept help when it's offered, and you'll do just fine, my friends.

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