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The Tarot Tells ... November's Full Moon Forecast

November’s Full Moon has just visited us. The most common name for this moon, given us by the Algonquin tribe, is Beaver moon. This is a reference to the time of year that the tribe members set traps for the beaver population. However, I much prefer the name the Sioux tribe gave the November moon. They call it the Moon of the Falling Leaves. Thatt’s definitely an appropriate moniker for my little corner of the world right now. Leaves are falling everywhere. And trees are still in varying stages of color explosion. It’s really a wonderful and diverse celebration of Nature.

During this moon’s reign, we can look to Nature to provide us with motivation to continue the work we began with the earlier harvest moons: To hold onto the things in life that are supporting our surviving and thriving, and to release those aspects that may have been meaningful in previous seasons, but that are now only distractions for our precious life force. Shed your dead leaves, friends! It’s time to get naked and to start drawing your energies inward. The Darkness is a-comin’!

In order to truly prepare for the Dark season, it is a good idea to take some time to feather your nest (physically and metaphorically) with some luxurious accoutrements. Cozy socks, sweaters, and blankets are a great start. Hot sipping drinks work, too. Anything seen featured in reference to hygge is on point. And for those of you in warmer climates, you might consider silks or velvets … some fancy new lingerie? Or maybe some delicate chimes for that empty corner of your room. Prepping yourself for luxury within might look like starting a meditation practice (helped by the creation of a beautiful and cozy place to do it). Or you might start journaling your thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams every day. Finding ways to focus on meeting your own needs and desires in your everyday life is thematically appropriate in this season, so find what works for you, and make no apologies about your choices.

It’s also nice to note that Taurus, planet of luxury and of persistence, is in your corner this season. The moon is in Taurus’ terrain, so you will have plenty of support in crafting your self-indulgent, self-loving schemes.

Here’s what the cards have to say about this Taurus Moon of the Falling Leaves:

Deck: Dreaming Way

Date: 4 November, 2017

Time: 9:32p

Moon Phase: Full Moon in Taurus* (*technically the moon went full at 1:22a)

Spread: Truncated Celtic Cross

Cards Drawn:

1. The Moon

2. 10 Pentacles

3. 6 Cups

4. 10 Swords

5. 2 Cups

6. King Swords

How appropriate to find The Moon card in the position of our current situation! The Moon is a time-honored symbol of our knowledge of hidden information, of the Mysteries of Life and of Self. It represents the shift from extroversion to introspection, seeking out the underlying thoughts, needs, and feelings that we might be keeping in the dark, away from the light of our consciousness and/or the light of the world. This card also acts as an invitation to dance with out inner turmoil. We may have created protective measures to keep these darker parts of ourselves hidden in the deep, but if we reach out to these parts of ourselves, we can disarm those dangers and make friends with our shadows. Now is the time to do just that.

We might be tempted to avoid this very personal work, however, under the guise of Social Appropriateness. Mother Culture dictates that we are to keep hidden any facet of ourselves that does not conform to the status quo. People might talk. We might be ridiculed if we reveal our differences. We may be judged just for even considering our shadow side, let alone should we nurture and tend it. And the very people judging us may be the ones who control the purse strings or wield some other influence we deem important. It is this challenge that we will each have to face in our own way(s), and which will determine whether we are able to learn this current lesson or not.

External influences point to emotionally linked relationships for support. It may also feel as if we have just weathered some kind of emotional storm to the point that we are able to feel like we can enjoy stopping and smelling the roses again.

However, we are still in the midst of a deep ego-sacrificing transition. And to really see it through to completion, we will need to do this shadow work.

The last lesson learned was one of loving union. (Revisit last month's full moon spread for more information on that.) Now we are learning to share that love with our full selves - even the parts of ourselves that we like to hide from the world. Moving forward, we are likely to either gain mastery over our thoughts, or meet someone who will teach us how to do so with skill, talent, and, dare I say it, style?

We’re on our way, kiddos! Tap into the energy of The Moon. Dive deep into your dark inner chambers. We are progressing through this seasonal shift slowly, but steadily. And, as we all know, slow and steady wins the race. Happy bliss chasing! xoxo!

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