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The Tarot Tells ... Super Blue Blood Moon

Deck: Dreaming Way Tarot

Date: 2 February, 2018

Moon Phase: One Day After Super Blue Blood Moon (Full in Leo)

Spread: Experiments In Bliss’ Full Moon Spread

Cards Drawn:

1. 9 Wands

2. Queen Wands

3. 3 Swords

4. King Cups

5. The Fool

6. The Chariot

7. 4 Pentacles

8. The Empress

9. King Swords

Card Impressions:

Position 1: What theme(s) is coming to light under this full moon?

Position 2: What Light influences are affecting the theme(s) during this full moon phase?

Position 3: What Shadow influences are affecting the theme(s) during this full moon phase?

Position 4: What are the emotional keywords for this full moon phase?

Position 5: What would it be of benefit to release during this phase?

Position 6: What would it be beneficial to attract/draw close during this phase?

Position 7: What is the individual’s role in the manifestation of the theme(s)?

Position 8: What is the collective’s role in the manifestation of the theme(s)?

Position 9: How can the astrological sign of the current full moon influence the manifestation of the theme(s)?

General Overview:

With the 9 Wands in Position 1, several themes appear in the light of this supermoon. The first is the significance of taking pause. This could be a very good time to seek out some stillness and quiet and ruminate on any- and everything right now. There might also be a feeling of stalling, or procrastination. There is, too, the related themes of self-connection and introspection. Looking inward could be the best way to access those answers and insights that will guide us through our current set of circumstances. We might also find ourselves asked to explore our relationships with the idea of being separated from others, whether that be the feeling of being an outsider, or a hermit, or feelings of entrapment. Each of these themes is connected by the existence of some kind of obstacle that is hindering forward progress.

Light influences are represented in this spread by the Queen of Wands. The Queen of Wands is a solar goddess. She is fiery and ambitious, and, oftentimes, quite stylish, to boot. She uses these attributes as strengths, rather than liabilities. And she uses them with a feminine energy, so she is assertive rather than aggressive, motivated rather than ruthless. She lifts others while she, herself, rises to the top. She’s not afraid to work for what she wants, and usually succeeds. She follows her bliss, letting her passions guide her choices, and she is always rewarded for it. Tap into these qualities in your own life during this moon phase. They will be extra powerful aided by the illumination of this supermoon.

Shadow influences are represented by 3 Swords. There may be heartache. This could feel like a betrayal, or a cracking open of a soul long entombed. It could also be the often difficult and intense work of cutting away what were once core truths that have now been revealed to be fallacies. In any case, be prepared for some potentially painful alchemy as the dark side of the moon lends its magick to your thematic process.

The King of Cups speaks the emotional keywords (or, in this case, phrases) for this super blue blood full moon phase: “As above, so below.” “Emotional navigation on a macrocosmic and microcosmic level.” “You got this.” “It might feel like you’re moving backwards, but the important bit is that you’re still afloat.”

Interestingly, and obviously, The Fool is here to let us know what to release during this phase. Interesting because The Fool has very little in the way of burdens, so there is very little to release. Obvious because s/he has very little in the way of burdens, so what is carried is useful and precious. This moon phase can be a wonderful time to shed layers … physical, emotional, mental, whatever. (Yes, we’ve been shedding layers since early in 2017, but we must continue to ‘peel the onion’ to get to the essential core of life/self/being.

The Chariot is a tricky card in the 6th position. This is about drawing in your wild and varied options and interests, and corralling them into mutual advancement. Take the reins on any opportunity that tickles your fancy - even if it feels completely out of alignment with your usual m.o. Add it to your personal stew, then stir it up into a delicious manifestation that only you can create.

The King of Cups, above, spoke to us about the synergy between the microcosm and the macrocosm. 4 Pentacles describes the microcosmic energy to be used during this moon’s manifestation. This card speaks to a focused and tender period of creation and consistent effort. You’re building your empire slowly, one coin at a time, and if you keep at it with diligence, awareness, and care, you will have a fine foundation for future successes. In other words, to find your way through this period of temporary stagnation, it might be helpful to focus on personal projects, mundane tasks, developing the consistency, attention, and craftsmanship that will carry us through to a more fluid, flowing progress.

The Empress describes her own variation of this notion from the macrocosmic perspective. Now is a time for the collective planning and planting of gardens - both physical and metaphorical. This is a time for looking inside for clues as to which seeds we want to plant in what soil. Then comes the plan to tend and nurture the seeds encouraging them to blossom and bear fruit. This can be expressed on the macrocosmic level via community planning, organizing and voting in elections, grass roots activism, as just a few examples. Working together to assess where we are, where we want to go, and how we think we can get there is the key this moon phase.

I love how this King of Swords has a golden mane of hair surrounding his face, and is taking a very relaxed and sultry feline-esque posture. I especially love this when paired with the energy of the astrological sign Leo, which is represented by a lion, gracing the moon as it orbits. (Ah, synchronicity!) Leo’s influence can aid us in getting to that brutally honest place of authentic self-expression. There might be a tendency to fall prey to Leo’s need to be the center of attention at all times, but remember that this moon phase is not about dramatic performances, but about quiet sequestering and soul searching. The King, here, is suggesting we tap into Leo’s more confidently relaxed characteristics. Imagine a cat lounging on a sunny windowsill, while still keeping a watchful eye on everyone in the room. This is the energy that Leo can best lend to the manifestation of this moon’s themes. Use them wisely, and use them well.

Well, Bliss Bunnies. We are still in the throes of this somewhat turbulent shifting that’s been happening for the past several months. But we are getting closer and closer to returning to a smooth flow. Keep up the good work, and we’ll get there! I have faith in us all! Until the next moon’s light …



I hope this reading proves helpful and insightful for you! If you have any questions at all, please feel welcomed to message me. Good luck as you navigate this Lesson!

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