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The Tarot Tells: The Chaste Moon + New Beginnings

Happy Full Moon, Bliss Bunnies! This is the first of two full moons this month. Yes, that’s right! Later this month, we’ll experience a second blue moon of this year. This year is really all about the moon magick, and if we pay attention, internally and externally, we can harness some of that magick for our own fortune.

March’s full moon is known by many names, but the one I tend to gravitate toward most is the English Medieval version: Chaste Moon. March heralds the beginning of the Spring season. It is during this season that the world is once again in it’s infancy. All is innocent and pure and full of possibility. As with a child, the world holds the promise of great creative potential, but, for now, it’s just in its formative stages. This is not a time of fertilizing seeds; it is a period of innocence, trust, and chastity. Hence, the Chaste Moon moniker.

This year’s Chaste Moon greets us in the sign of the Virgin. (Serendipitous much?) Virgo is the sign of organization, analytics, tidiness/cleanliness, and practicality. This full moon’s light is shining on those areas of your life that could benefit from a little anal-retentive perspective.

This is a great time to reorganize your living space, re-work your budget, or start a self-care plan. Giving yourself space to gather your thoughts and start processing and making sense of all the chaos of the past several months will yield beautiful fruit under the light of this moon, as the presence of Virgo will supply added power to your efforts.

And, as with any full moon, there is ample opportunity to reveal some of what has been lurking in the shadows - whether that be the shadows of our deepest psyche, or that dark corner in the back of the closet. All we need to do is look for it.

As for the cards, they have their own wisdom to share with us for this Chaste Moon cycle. Let’s see what they have to share, shall we?

Deck: The Dreaming Way

Date: 1 March, 2018

Time: 8:45p (approximation)

Moon Phase: Full Moon in Virgo

Spread: Full Moon Spread

Cards Drawn:

1. Knight Pentacles

2. King Swords

3. 6 Pentacles

4. Strength

5. Justice

6. 7 Swords

7. 2 Cups

8. The World

9. The Star

Card Impressions:

Position 1: What theme(s) is coming to light under this full moon?

Position 2: What Light influences are affecting the theme(s) during this full moon phase?

Position 3: What Shadow influences are affecting the theme(s) during this full moon phase?

Position 4: What are the emotional keywords for this full moon phase?

Position 5: What would it be of benefit to release during this phase?

Position 6: What would it be beneficial to attract/draw close during this phase?

Position 7: What is the individual’s role in the manifestation of the theme(s)?

Position 8: What is the collective’s role in the manifestation of the theme(s)?

Position 9: How can the astrological sign of the current full moon influence the manifestation of the theme(s)?

General Overview:

An initial glance at this spread shows that this moon phase is a pretty potent time. Trump cards (major arcana) are representing in force (four), backed by two court cards, with the three pips in tow. Events and experiences that take place during this phase will have a pretty weighty significance.

Thematically, this is a time for new beginnings. The Knight of Pentacles shows a focus on creating mundane, material stability and careful, steady momentum. This could be as simple as starting a new job, or as complex as setting out to discover an entirely new life path.

Look to the King of Swords for Light when making decisions surrounding these new beginnings. This King is a master thinker. He is analytical, clever, and innovative (much like Virgo). In-depth analysis, travel, communication, and technology can all work to your favor now. The King is the master of these tools, so use them with confidence and success should follow.

Beware of the Six of Pentacles during this moon’s season, for this card reveals the Shadow aspects surrounding any new beginning. There may be a tendency to give away your power and resources without being mindful of keeping some for yourself. (Are you an overspender? Do you turn to retail therapy when feeling down or overwhelmed? Are you generous to your own detriment?) It’s also a good idea to be on the lookout for folks who might try to attach themselves to you as you create your own fortune. These are sometimes shady folks who are out to swindle what they can from any unsuspecting sucker. But it can also be friends and family members who are struggling to make their own way and turn to you for help out of a sense of desperation. Either way, the cards are warning you against giving away too much of what you are working hard to create at this time.

The emotional keyword for this moon cycle is Strength. It is with fortitude, courage, and strength [of will, of body, of mind, of spirit] that will carry us through this process.

Justice is here to tell us what to let go during this cycle. Justice is blind. She makes decisions based on facts; free of sentimentality. Though she makes judgments, she exercises impartiality and does not place value on those judgments. She is encouraging the same from us: to release our need to place value on what is presented to us. Let go of good/bad, appropriate/inappropriate, right/wrong. Release sentimental attachments and look at all choices objectively.

Seven Swords suggests it could be beneficial during this period to collect as much information as you can about the new path you are creating. The more knowledge you accumulate, the better equipped you will to make decisions that will move you more directly toward your goals. Knowledge is power, kids.

On the microcosmic level, Two Cups suggests creating from Love. This means You get to choose your own adventure based on Your desires and passions. This is your personal key to manifesting your new beginning, whatever it may be. If you create it from love, it will be favored by the gods. Assistance will always be granted if intentions are pure and true. Anyone who’s ever read a fairy tale or watched a fantasy flick knows this.

On the macrocosmic level, The World is here to tell us to rely on each other and on the Natural Order. Take advantage of people in your life who offer you help along the way. Utilize the Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams. Work cooperatively with your neighbors. Take this time to shift your perspective of the world community from one of separateness to one of unity. We are all one. We are quantum particles all vibrating together to create this energetic fabric we call The World. Recognize that being of service to the dreams of others is being of service to your own dreams.

The Star might seem like a slightly unorthodox representation of how Virgo’s energy can influence the manifestation of these new beginnings, but really, I believe it fits beautifully. The Star is a card of Hope. But there is also the notion of maintaining a systematic approach to creative and emotional output here. For some, it will come naturally, and for others, it may be a chore, but The Virgin will help us to get our sh*t together and to quantify and qualify how we exert our energy and resources during this creative process. This sense of organizing the chaos and meticulously caring for ourselves, our output and input, can be invaluable when manifesting new paths and strategies on the material/mundane plane. Virgo is offering her practical magick during this moon phase. Take her up on it. She knows how to get things done.

Finally! Some progress and creativity after so many months of gut-wrenching transformation! We’ve certainly earned this opportunity. Here’s to new beginnings!

I hope this reading proves helpful and insightful for you! If you have any questions at all, please feel welcome to message me. Good luck as you navigate this Lesson!



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