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The Bliss List: Spring 2018

As I’m starting to [slowly and steadily] get settled here in my new home in Austin, I’m setting the intention of creating some regular blog features. It is my hope that you will come to rely on these regular posts for inspiration, education, and good old-fashioned enjoyment. Today’s the first in a series I’m calling The Bliss List. In these posts, I’ll be sharing with you beautiful readers the things that are really lighting up my life at the moment. These could be tangible products which you might like to buy for yourself, or intangible practices you might like to try for yourself. I have pretty eclectic tastes, so the field is wide open, and the sky’s the limit on what you can find here! For a little sample, keep reading to see what made The Bliss List this season …

THE BLISS LIST / spring 2018

  1. My morning movement practice. In the chaos of traveling around the world, then trying to settle myself back into one [somewhat arbitrary] location, I managed to get away from my morning movement practice. Now that I’m starting to feel a little more settled and am creating routines for myself, I am re-creating that practice. It’s astonishing to me how quickly my body freezes up after just a short absence from my practice. But I also am encouraged by how deliciously it feels to start moving in these deliberate ways again. So good.

  2. The wisdom of Abraham as spoken through Esther Hicks. While I was in Thailand and Bali, I spent a great deal of time absorbing lessons in the Law of Attraction from a number of sources. The one that seemed to resonate most for me was the wisdom of Abraham, as spoken through Esther Hicks [with the support of her husband, Jerry Hicks]. And these teachings continue to resonate for me. During the last year, as I continued to travel with no real plan and no real grander scheme driving me, I began to experience a range of uncomfortable emotions - contrast, as Abraham calls it. And in the barrage of all those feelings, I lost sight of the lessons I had learned about the Law of Attraction and how it is in the steering of my emotions that I create my reality. So, I struggled with some undesirable manifestations which lead to undesirable feelings which then created more undesirable manifestations, and so on and so forth. Now that I’m settling again and taking my comfort in my own hands, I have returned to these teachings, and the difference in my life experience is stark. I am really feeling like the creator of my life again. And that is a wonderful feeling. There are a number of books and DVDs available from Abraham as authored by Esther and Jerry Hicks. The one I am currently reading is, The Astonishing Power of Emotions. And there are countless YouTube videos of Abraham speaking, should you want to explore this life-changing work, as well.

  3. My Himalayan salt lamp. This was a gift from my parents, and it’s been one of the best gifts I’ve received in a while. Not only does this beautiful lamp cast a sweet peachy glow around my living space, but it also ionizes the air. It’s like a free gift with purchase! Beautiful and healthy. Two of my favorite things. Go here to find a similar version for yourself.

  4. Shamanic journeying with my women’s group. Before I made the move to Austin, I went on to try to find a few groups that might help me meet people while fostering some of my interests. The one that has proven to be most beneficial for me is a Shamanic Journeying Women’s Group. It’s a revolving group of women from all walks of life who come together to learn about magick, goddess culture, and, most importantly, ourselves. Every meeting features a journey in which we meditate for answers from our guides. These can be guided or themed or just left to divine inspiration. I’ve had some powerful experiences in these circles, and continue to learn more about myself and my path as it unfolds before me. I’m so grateful for these women and the sacred container they share with me.

  5. Getting good consistent massage therapy. Being a massage therapist myself, I am a happily biased believer in the power of touch therapy. I did not receive very much bodywork during my travels, so now am finally getting back on a regular schedule. It took a minute to find therapists offering the kind of work that meets my need and preferences. And now that I have, I am feeling so relieved - physically and mentally. I was super lucky to have a network of amazing bodyworkers at my disposal while living in Durham. It was definitely difficult to leave that luxury. But I’m slowly finding my touch tribe here in Austin. Yay and hooray!

  6. My self-curated playlist on Spotify. Okay, so I’m going to toot my own horn for a moment. I curated a playlist to play during my massage sessions at work, and I have to say that I love this playlist so much. It is bringing me great joy while I work, and my clients and colleagues seem to be enjoying it too. If you’d like to try it out for yourself, go here. I continue to tweak it, adding and subtracting to find the perfect balance for my own tastes. Plus, that keeps it from getting too boring. Eventually I may scrap it and start anew, but, for now, it’s sheer playlist perfection to me.

  7. Essential oils. I have long been an avid user of essential oils, and this spring is no exception. I use these oils in my massage practice. I use them to energetically clear space and/or to freshen a room. I use essential oils cosmetically, and medically. I use them aromahtherapeutically to enhance my own psycho-emotional well-being. The possibilities are endless, and I love experimenting with new combinations of oils and new ways of incorporating them into my daily life. Here's a great site if you're looking for some quality oils for your own.

  8. Ripe honeydew melons. Ah, the ripe honeydew melon … this sweet fruit is such a sacred treat for me. I do believe I could survive on this beautiful fruit alone and be quite happy. Here in Austin we are just reaching the point where honeydew melons are readily available, but only a few of them are actually ripe. So, when I find some ripe ones, I rejoice in my great good fortune, and then gobble it up with content focus and gratitude for the sweet, sweet gift that is gracing my bowl and my body.

  9. Sunshine. This has been an intense winter. Many folks, in fact, are still experiencing snowfall in late March. Coming off a year in which I was chasing my own endless summer, this winter was particularly brutal for me. I was finding my spirits slumping with all the gray and blustery weather. But! Now the Sun is making his way back into power, and he is shining ever more brightly in my sky. His rays are warming me and invigorating me once more, and I could not be more grateful for it. I love sunshine. I require sunshine. I honor sunshine. And I revel in sunshine. Surya Namaskar!

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